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  1. This is the key they told us to use: and it worked, However the application does not work they provided us, If somone can use another application to crack the encryption let me know. EAAAAOBCpNdfDO5c8lD5BcmFYKoFz1qs9ic9JMv138gxRl9FTKkFhO8IdrSx/X1NX/qT1d0m7Usg6G57Qm4VHmA8qU7FTeCT5jQAKHhrds0v5nrjckCLJ7eDQLZjfHnDRgOuLpFPGqnH/ISPpp8n+SKO/v3suQ30Kd+1KWTv3+sEs2IXnvqNBUJVr2UoF94f44o2LleU7x5ArRvrnVpbl17sPO359QC/O06rYb3zwNkfxgDM5QLlbRZmloNvfL566VXik/qGsxHPSDjh2aMl6fTXBx6dNSvP1KasmU+7LmdmM7qXOVZ+H0ie4/vkmf0VzqT6TH7ZRQRWrQBmiNN5zvZCWZtaR6JereN2APTQLc2lP0I14q9z/PAUjubpuCSI4Ert8Gge/MIrLRkRTPDDZ0lepAPHCIZ
  2. Hello World ! , I work for a MSP/SOC, One of our customers has been severely infected across a large file share server that has poisoned their Ability to work, The customer is a non profit adoption organization based out of the West Coast. As of now Our company has paid for the 9000~$ (12BTC) ransom for this company as they could not afford to pay. However, as of now, they have managed to compromise approximately 17TB's worth of data. The Ransomware " Support" as we will refer to them as temporarily, Had provided me with a Decryptor and a key to decrypt the files with that I am currently
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