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  1. Unfortunately the client's computer was reformatted and a new install had to be preformed. I do have the data files stored elsewhere just in case you have a decryption key.
  2. I too have a client that was infected with the same ransomware. The file ext is .wtf. Unfortunately it appears to be a new type and there are no decryption keys available to date. The html file calls it Dangerous Ransomware. If there is a resolve to this threat please contact me. HOWTODECRYPTFILES.html
  3. Here you go Kevin. Addition_14-12-2016 18.38.45.txt FRST_14-12-2016 18.38.46.txt scan_161214-180640.txt
  4. Ok Kevin, here are the results. AdwCleaner[C3].txt JRT.txt
  5. 4,749kb file. Still getting no key found message.
  6. It's running Kevin. Thanks for your help. Let's see what happens now. I will keep you posted. Great job!
  7. No go Kevin. It keeps coming back with the "No Key Found" message.
  8. The system is running slow. I am really not concerned about this Kevin. I plan to wipe it out anyways after I get all of my clients data that has been crypted. There are a few programs that will not run due to the file encryption. Addition.txt FRST.txt Scan_161213-182749.txt
  9. Thanks for the response. Attached is the results. Fixlog.txt
  10. Found this pc infected with ransomware. Did an id check from ransomware ID site and it came back identifying the virus and stated to download Nemucod decryption tool . I found 2 files one encrypted and one not (same file) greater then 4096kb and drag them into the program. To no avail it would not run, it just kept saying it could not find the key and that to make sure the files are equal or greater than 4096. I have attached the files you have requested. Thanks for your assistance in this matter. Addition.txt FRST.txt Scan_161211-141028.txt
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