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  1. Thank you for advice. The careful use and awareness play a significant role in the user's safety. However, my love to know and compare leads to me know the best. What can I do?! I was ransom-wared with Cerber in December so I dedicated tons of hours investigating the case, tech info on malware, security suites, products, safe browsers, etc. So when I investigated browsers I came to Safe Browser Comparisons and I found these and collected info from a few websites. As for the article entitled HTTPS interception: What Emsisoft customers need to know, I got the idea that HTTP
  2. Questions about Safe Browser First of all, hello everybody in Emsisoft. I hope you are all fine. Introduction We all know that the dangerous threats coming from unsafe browsing are beyond description these days so there are some options to choose from given by companies other than Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (IE & Edge) and Google (Chrome) for the sake of using a safer browser. I have collected some information about them but I want to put my questions in safe hands to find a more trusted answer. The following ones are all respectable but I seek a definite answer t
  3. Yes This is a cursed Ransomware Mr Kevin I nearly deleted all the infected files Recuva or EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard did nothing at all, no traces were found Look at the above PDF and if it is clean unlike what is reported tell me
  4. Hello Gentlemen, I have this issue about a very important 35-MB .PDF. I finally could get this *.pdf file and for the first time in years I find it for free on a torrent link. If it is clean and the five results in the cloud scan are null, it is OK. I am very anxious to open it I lost a good version of it last December in the Cerber Ransomware Attack If you please send me the cleaned version via my mail to study. = If you disinfect it, thank you. = If you tell me how to disinfect it safely, thank you. = If you tell me how to use it EXACTLY and does not get infected.
  5. Source Via Yahoo NHS hit by major cyber attack with hackers demanding ransom Laura Donnelly, The Telegraph 15 minutes ago https://uk.yahoo.com/news/nhs-hit-major-ransomeware-cyberattack-143125715.html ========== The full scale of the attack is unknown The NHS has been hit by a major cyber attack, with hackers demanding a ransom. Hospitals are understood to have lost the use of phonelines and computers, with some diverting all but emergency patients elsewhere. At some hospitals patients are being told not to come to A&E with all non-urgent o
  6. Thank you for your excellent explanation. It is a type of securing the transmission of data between the user and the website. You also troubled me!! So if a malware source website is in HTTPS, the infection from the website into the soon-to-be-compromised system will be securely transmitted !!!!!! WOW!!! Alsom if it is a secure website, the login & use experience will be safe. That's the cool part. Here I have a question If the website and the HTTPS connection are both secure, can a hacker hack the web browser during the user's session if other open tabs are not used while
  7. WFP Does EIS has a buitt-in Traffic Filtering? Man, Heimdal Pro, the software I told you about here, is an antimalware + WF of Traffic, and System Patcher So, EIS can make us use only Heimdal Free Version which is a System Patching Tool without caring about the Traffic Filtering if what you mean is exactly what I understood and exactly the same as the Heimdal Pro Vendors mean.
  8. HTTP = HyperText Transfer Protocol HTTPS = HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure The word Secure means a type of encryption to protect the data transfer between you and the server or website you are using. This secured connection keeps your information safe from hackers. Using HTTPS, the computers agree on a "code" between them, and then they scramble the messages using that "code" so that no one in between can read them. Look at this post I found for you, I'll read it myself https://www.theproblemsite.com/ask/2016/02/http-vs-https-difference I'll give some more inf
  9. Thank You MBAM is good but it has a bug that it may not start with all the layers turned on I thought of it not as competitive to EIS as it does not have a firewall and does not provide a full antivirus solution, only a protective sheild with RW, MW & Expliots W the main shield im EIS. It detects well, I may have it as a scanner only if this is not provided as free from Voodoosheild. They say it, Voodoosheild, works well with EIS on their website. Also, RansomeFree is free and is not an antivirus or even antimalware, just a behavior blocker of ransomware. If they say it here
  10. ----------------------------------------------------------------- First Two Possible Enhanced Features EIS 2017 ----------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, Sirs Consider these two features very soon Feature One Feature : Integration of Necessary MS Hotfixes by Default. Related to: Installation & Overall Functionality Personal Rating: High Value. Benefit: Error-Free Complete Installation & Prevention of System Errors. Way: Integration by the Emsisoft Developer Team with further User Invol
  11. Early Report on Version 2017.2 Free Notice 1 - My system is absolutely unstable and the previous versions and other installations of Avira AV [Unistalled but still on!!!], MBAM [Ended & Unistalled], EEK [Portable] & EIS V. 2017.1 [Unistalled as it shifted into Scanner] may be the cause of this havoc. 2 - Also, I did not install the full update package of the Win 64 bit 3 - VoodooSheild & RansomFree are installed and working as Free Versions only 4 - I posted it lest they are bugs Error 1 The EIS crash notice of Internal Processor Error appe
  12. OK I do not understand you fully because know nothing about this in detail at the moment, so I'll have a try to read some basic educational material on it. Scripts work well and mblock origin is very great and works without any problems and allows what I assign using the 'Temporarliy' option. I will read again and try Ghostry. I hope them all the best of luck in all their hard tiring task and that they develop a much more robust protection techniques that come close to perfection. That silly threat aka Ransomware the hackers invented is the worst thing that came
  13. First, Thanks for the detailed reply, man Second, your words are convincing and real, but you don't get what is behind my words. Why I say so? Third, I loved the smart unobtrusive firewall, proactive defense and light load of EIS, so I wanted to have it with other feaures that I know you can do and integrate safely. If it has a file shredder, a disc cleaner, encrypted safe feature and broswer integration with it, it will seem unparalled to me and other people. I'm going to my work now and I WILL DETAIL EVERYTHING WHEN I COME BACK. WE WILL DISCUSS THEASE AND HOW I ORGANIZE THEM A
  14. I Never compared or Considered MBAM as competive with EIS, the latter is very special in my view I want a second opinion scanner not a malware scanner. No scanner found better than EIS. What other scanners detected were nearly all false positives. Also, I did not list what I want to buy [EIS] with the OTHER products WHICH ARE SECONDARY IN MY OPINION EIS = Full Antivirus + Antimalware + Antiransomware + Firewall + PC Drives Protection MBAM = Antimalware & Anti-expliot Protection Does EIS have Expliot Protection? -------- I do not understand this T
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