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  1. SO you are saying don't use your firewall, its no good, or just it doesn't work in domain networks? and either way doesn't that seriously limit the power of your security software, even bitdefender, avg, norton, mcafee all have business versions that include the firewall an intrical part of network security?
  2. Went to install EIS "Newest Download" on a Server 2008R2 Domain with Win7 PCs and Stopped on the 4th PC because of errors, and had to remove ESI from all the machines, on 3 of the PCs EIS hide the icons on the taskbar and wouldn't allow the domain to connect up properly, it was causing a secondary popup once you got logged into windows and would need you domain credentials entered again, and even after that domain access was spotty at best, on the fourth machine it was blocking the entire pc's ui basically,m so the gui would not load at all, I had to go into safemode to remove EIS, then i booted up perfectly with no issues, I removed EIS off all 4 machines and they are working properly, but once I try reinstalling EIS, I get issues and nothing stable, EIS worked fine on other clients domains, but this one not going well at all, not sure what could be causing the issue. Tried to work with partner support, way way slow ans no real help, hoping somebody on here might have some ideas or seen a similar issue before.