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  1. Hi got several computers on a Windows network infected with this ransomware. Possible to decrypt and save information? Text as follows in read me please file: All Your Files Was Encrypted ! [email protected] Your personal ID: 5761769987883049964149659800758886781744890732231925850329943520513909348705934237695223273037593445 2171091066922025115368641335020300079393758293018520011052291340615853063419798549904818718612992792 7139561997232419314374085081403602701338891450852350006391544762798844432338605330084612851762448761 6085377553392883435437891150660511642450361278554228346868482257712467904946746793056969643516635616 6339022162406626605154484512392725670920788355002394277695630441404679683682453514274538671088557048 9599871367800202837702606574783579355574009447588751468808346675686939804672951219065578863508124805 32792278933345665 Your documents, photos, databases, save games and other important data was encrypted. Data recovery is required decryptor. Contact EMAIL: [email protected] Attention! Do not attempt to remove the program yourself, or run anti-virus tools. All attempts to self-decrypting files will result in the loss of your data. Decoders are not compatible with other users of your data, because each user's unique encryption key.