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  1. My computer has a virus. I am not sure where it came from but one night I started noticing the computer was moving slower. I immediately began uninstalling programs that were not being used or not recognized. After a couple programs were deleted, no real difference in performance; I then noticed that the computer had Malwarebytes on it so I tried to run the program and an error popped up saying it was a text file only. I then tried to unistall the program and a dialogue box popped up and said that the unistall file was missing, so I downloaded a couple of programs trying to delete and scan my computer for resgistry errors, optimization, etc. still nothing. I figured it may be a virus so I just downloaded Avast and scanned my computer and of course it found issues and suggested that a boot-time scan was ran. I did that and then oddly I couldnt find the report file. I ran it again and watched it through the process to see numerous files that were corrupted and a couple of files that could not be deleted for some reason I did not record. I attempted to find the files couldnt locate them. Tried to run safe mode could not do that either. Pc Settings would not let me restart computer and see bios setups. Internet connection but no matter the browser, I could not get onto the internet and now avast was frequently blocking threats originating from win32:Patched-Awl. I located the file name it said it was attached from (sorry I did not write down that entire file name but it ended in dnsapil). I ran the Emsisoft Anti Malware program and it found multiple issues to which I quarantined but it would not automatically correct two files in fear of crashing operating system and directed me to support. I read the directions after all of this took place so my apologies for not having the very first log with no quaratine but I did follow the directions step by step from the time I read the correct way to present my problem and have attached everything as directed. Hopefully you can help and thank you. scan_161228-091142.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt