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  1. Here is the result of my Commandiline scan 1 problem found... I have NO clue how to fix. a2cmd.exe [path] | [parameters] Scan types (can be used together): /f=[], /files=[path] Scan files. Full path to file or folder required /quick Scans all active programs, Spyware Traces and TrackingCookies /malware Good and fast result, but only important folders will be scanned /rk, /rootkits Scan for active Rootkits /m, /memory Scan Memory for active Malware /t, /traces Scan for Spyware Traces /fh=[handle] /pid=[PID] Scan file by handle. Process ID of the handle is required /b=[pointer] /bs= /pid=[PID] Scan buffer. Buffer size and process ID are required Scan settings (used with scan types): /pup Alert Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP) /a, /archive Scan in compressed archives (zip, rar, cab) /am Scan in mail archives /n, /ntfs Scan in NTFS Alternate Data Streams /cloud=[] If it is "1" then scanner will use cloud requests (defaul value is "1") /dda, /directdiskaccess Use direct disk access /l=[], /log=[filepath] Save a logfile in UNICODE format /la=[], /logansi=[filepath] Save a logfile in ANSI format /x=[], /ext= Scan only specified file extensions, comma delimited /xe=[], /extexclude= /wl=[], /whitelist=[file] Load whitelist items from the file /d, /delete Delete found objects including references /dq, /deletequick Delete found objects quickly /q=[], /quarantine=[folder] Put found Malware into Quarantine /rebootallowed Allows automatic OS restart, if this is required to remove found threads Malware handling (standalone parameters): /ql, /quarantinelist List all quarantined items /qr=[], /quarantinerestore=[n] Restore the item number n of the quarantine /qd=[], /quarantinedelete=[n] Delete the item number n of the quarantine Online updates: /u, /update Update Malware signatures /uf=<feed>, /updatefeed=<feed> Update from specified update feed Applicable only to standalone a2cmd package. /proxy=[proxyname:port] Proxy address and port number /proxyuser=[username] Proxy user name /proxypassword=[password] Proxy user password General commands: /?, /help Show help message Result codes: 0 - No infections were found 1 - Infections were found C:\EEK\bin64> THNAKS... Phill Scan all except the specified file extensions