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  1. RogueKiller has deleted the detection's.

    I can't tell if anything has changed since the previous scans.

    Thankfully there aren't any AdChoices adds popping up all over the place and taking up screen real estate.

    The negative is that uBlock Origin is still not blocking a single thing and the Amazon.com magnifier still remains.

    Except for uBlock Origin and the magnifier everything seems to be running smoothly.

    Is it safe to uninstall uBlock Origin and reinstall it?





  2. I've created fixlist.txt and have run FRST and AdwCleaner as requested. The logs for both are attached.

    The problem has been much improved but I have a few concerns.

    1. I'm still seeing a few AdChoices ads but thankfully they're not popping up all over the place like they were. I still can't close them out so I can reclaim some screen real estate. As AdChoices is a real platform how do I know that this fix worked and that the ads I'm seeing aren't due to something we missed?

    2. uBlock Origin still isn't blocking a single thing. Should I now uninstall it and reinstall it?

    3. The Amazon.com magnifier issue still remains. It only happens when viewing items for purchase and only in the area of pics of the item. I have no clue if it's related to this problem or not. It's an Amazon feature maybe? I've included a screen shot so ya can see what I'm seeing. In the screen shot the mouse pointer is at the center of the blue rectangle but it doesn't show in the screenshot. Yes ... my Windows magnifier is turned off.

    4. If the problem was caused by a rouge FF extension ... how do we identify which one it is?

    5. "Three Alternate Data Streams" ... have no clue what your talkin' about there. Could you elaborate a bit?






    Screenshot (2).png

    AdwCleaner[C00].txt Fixlog.txt

  3. Problem #1: I am being inundated with adds that I am unable to close. Many of them take up a good deal of screen real estate making content difficult to read. They are identifiable by a small blue triangle with the word "AdChoices" next to it. When I click on "X" to close the ad ... the ad is replaced by the text "Ads by Google ... Report this ad ... Why this ad?". A few seconds later this is replaced by another ad.

    Problem #2: uBlock Origin is blocking zero items on every webpage I visit.

    Problem #3: On Amazon.com ... when reading a page describing an item to buy ... and when the mouse pointer is in the top left half of the page where product images are ... the mouse pointer drags around a blue cross hatched rectangle that magnifies everything. The magnified image is large and located on the right side of the mouse and blocks out almost all text.

    While investigating the problem prior to this post EAM detected and quarantined JS:Trojan.Cryxos.3758(B) ... I don't know if it is related. Quarantining it didn't fix the problems described above.

    Specs: Windows 10 v1909, FireFox v76.0.1 (64 bit)

    EEK and FRST reports are attached

    So ... I need help!




    Addition_25-05-2020 21.37.18.txt scan_200525-212939.txt FRST_25-05-2020 21.37.18.txt

  4. @Jeremy   

    Indeed you're right ... that's what I said. You're confused because I was confused ... so I decided to confuse you too.

    After receiving a little CAPTCHA education I think it was only one site I had a problem with ... the one that bungled the implementation.

    What I previously didn't understand was that invisible CAPTCHA even existed. So when I ran across it on other sites and was not asked to solve a challenge ... my assumption was that something was wrong with me or them and I didn't know what or why.

    So I led you guys an a wild goose chase for nothin'!








  5. @Jeremy ... The problem site is someone else's ... not anything I coded ... I'm not a coding kinda guy.

    @GT500 ... Yep ... Java isn't installed on my system ... too darn dangerous.

    The ultimate answer to my problem has surfaced. The owner of the site I was having problems with said they bungled the implementation of ReCAPTCHA v2. Frustrating how a coding error by someone else can cause thousands of people to Google answers and work till wee hours in the morning trying to fix a problem that they had no control over in the first place.

    Thanks everyone!


  6. The problem I actually have is with "invisible RECAPTCHA" ... which I guess is RECAPTCHA V2. I'm thinking that it might be a Java problem ... but I haven't been able to verify that "invisible RECAPTCHA" requires Java. Java isn't installed in any of my browsers ... so maybe that's it and why it seems like a global problem.

    As this doesn't seem to be related to EAM I'll end it here.



  7. I'm having problems getting CAPTCHA for websites to work ... properly solved CAPTCHA's aren't accepted as such ... doesn't matter which browser I use or which website ... seems more global than the browser level. Is it possible EAM can prohibit website CAPTCHA from working properly? I think prolly not but seeing how I'm stumped I figured I'd ask.



  8. Well ... as of now the problem has not reoccurred again.

    I was gonna clear cookies yesterday but the problem went away before I got around to do it. I cleared 'em this AM just to be sure but as I said the problem seems to have gone away so unless it comes back I'll never know if cookies were involved.

    The suspicious host caught by EAM is insidesalesemail.com. EAM initially blocked it when I went to jameshardie.com in FF ... then the little beasty decided it also wanted to open when I first started FF. There was no problem with it in Edge. James Hardie is a manufacturer of fiber cement siding for homes.

    I have FF set up to open on the Google search page ... I don't have it set up to load stuff from my last session.

    FF prefetching ... GOOD IDEA ... that certainly sounds like a possible culprit and it's enabled in my FF.

    If this happens again I'll see what I can find in the Browser Console.

    Thanks Jeremy!




  9. @JeremyNicoll

    I have Google as my homepage but the problem does not go away when I change to something different.

    As reported I am using FireFox 59.0.2 ... the latest

    Nothing found in the shortcut.

    The problem remains when I run FireFox in safe mode with all extensions disabled.

    Nothing found in either profile folder.

    Nothing found in about:config

    Looks like removing FireFox and reinstalling it from a newly downloaded file is the next step.

    Any other suggestions?





    When I open FireFox ... EAM Surf Protection detects and blocks a suspicious host identified as "insidesalesemail.com"


    4/20/2018 11:47:37 AM
    Surf Protection detected suspicious host "insidesalesemail.com" (SHA1: EF45D0C407D2987B2EDB3DD76967E1B16BD6C1C8)

    4/20/2018 11:47:37 AM
    A notification message "insidesalesemail.com is a known phishing host and was blocked." has been shown

    4/20/2018 11:47:37 AM
    Blocked by rule


    This happens only when I open FireFox. It doesn't happen with Edge. It doesn't happen when browsing.


    I've run and EAM Malware and Custom scans and there have been no detection's.


    Do I have a problem here? What should my next action be?


    Windows 10 Home x64 v1709 build 16299.371

    EAM v2018.3.1.8572

    FireFox x64 v59.0.2








  11. New to EAM ... just have a couple of usage questions.

    1. How should EAM be configured when I make system backups and images? Should I right click the tray icon and select "Protection status > Disable all components" ... or ... select "Pause protection > Disable until computer restart"? Is that sufficient or is there something else I should do? Should any of the EAM files be excluded from backups and system images ... and if so which ones?

    2. Tracking cookies ... what should I use to remove them?






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