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  1. Update, I was recently watching a show on gogoanime. At time the vidstream has pop up ads on the video so I go to m4Upload even though the vid quality is shit because I don't want to click on the ads which make the video unplayable. I went to the OpenUpload tab to check there and there were ads on that as well. Usually I'll try to play it once and if I get a pop up I concede. However, after clicking on the open upload my software detected a threat and it was labeled trojan.*****.**** the rest I don't remember. If you know what a trojan virus is, it is very very bad and dangerous. So if you do watch just know that if the vidstream or openupload is blocked with mulitiple ads and the video instead of having a black screen is replaced with multiple screen shots of the episode (indicating there are ads on it) do not try to watch it there, go to m4Upload no matter how shit the quality is. This is the page the virus was on, the link is safe just do not click on the video ->>-> hxxp://ww1.gogoanime.io/akagami-no-shirayuki-hime-2nd-season-episode-5
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