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  1. Hello, Please let me know if you are providing SSL certificates too.
  2. Hello Frank,

    Hope you are doing great. Since few days we are receiving multiple virus attempts. Today also we got one zip attachment. is there any solution to eradicate this issue.

    please advise. Awaiting your response.





    Al-Rumaithy Establishment.



    1. Frank H

      Frank H

      Hi Hamidullah,

      Sorry, I didn't see your question earlier.

      Did you already get a reply fro a colleague ?



    2. Hamidullah M.Iqbal

      Hamidullah M.Iqbal

      Hi Frank,


      No i did not get any specific solution to this issue, but above mentioned issue is resolved now. If any thing is there i will surely contact you.



  3. Dear Thomas, please find below answers of your concerns. please fix this issue asap. 1- Model: LG G4 Stylus manufacturer LG. 2- Android version : 5.0.2 3- Emsisoft version: 4.2 4-No other security solution is installed in device. 5- Yes device admin is emsisoft. even after this the same error exist. Regards, Hamidullah. Al Rumaithy Establishment.
  4. Hello, Since last month i am trying to install the mobile antivirus but giving the same error after processing with google ID selection. please let me know if any update is there regarding the same. Regards, Hamidullah. Al Rumaithy Establishment.
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