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  1. Ran it again and it removed all McAfee leftover drivers.Used version from their website just to make sure it was the latest version.Driver issue with EEK seems not to be happening anymore.Thanks.
  2. I used it to uninstall Mcafee.I disabled all the leftover drivers with Autoruns.I will delete them sooner or later.Thanks for the info.
  3. The error was caused by me having to use my backups I believe.but I will keep an eye on it.System seems fine now,but Mcafee uninstall caused some weird behavior.I did install Windows Firewall Control and have it on low until I can figure it out.I also tried to use Unlocker to delete leftover system old folders and it somehow took out some things that were needed in Windows.Have no idea and may contact Iobit.Too much going on I learn the hard way that's for sure.
  4. Ok got it.Having issues at the moment with pc.Tried to delete windows old folders that disk cleanup missed.Computer would not boot into safe mode.Tried everything,but nothing would work so finally just used Macrium.Never had to use it to restore,but at least I know how to use it now.I will include Frst logs in next post.
  5. I will get back to you on FRST,but EEK looks like it also is not updating signatures as often.Is the driver required to update/load signatures?
  6. Getting same message that Hannah posted.Uninstalled Mcafee and I am using Windows Defender and Voodooshield.
  7. Nothing else has been found so we can close the post.Thanks for your feedback.
  8. Thanks again.I guess sometimes its hard to be totally sure of what you are dealing with.
  9. Found my old post on this and Kevin Zoll said that it was most likely not a false detection. What exactly does that mean? I never really got an answer on that.Would Frst have found other entries if it was a real threat?
  10. Here you go. HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-2260693271-183851513-1559263687-1002_CLASSES\.BAD detected: Backdoor.Win32.Beast (A) [] I use HitmanPro and they use Bitdefender,Sophos and Kaspersky and it did not detect this.Its in quarantine and just to repeat Kevin Zoll had me run Frst and there was nothing suspicious.
  11. Followed instructions and scanned D drive.EEK found nothing.I really am interested in that detection(win32backdoor beast A) that was initially detected on C drive.Because it was located in registry I do not think it is possible to figure out if it was a false detection,even if submitted to BitDefender.Very little info on that backdoor on the web.Maybe my reasoning is wrong but if it was a false hit I would think others would have reported it.
  12. I have Toshiba.I do not suspect them,but I do suspect hotel Wifi or a reset of windows update components batch file.Batch came from source on Bleeping Computer.I did scan it,but not with EEK.I am using Cyberghost.99% of the time.What are the odds backdoor was a false positive?Bleeping guys have high integrity so highly doubt it was that batch.
  13. In custom scan where drives are listed I am clicking on D drive,but still wants to scan C drive.Could you show me with a screen shot what I should be doing to scan drive D.I am not getting something here.
  14. Thanks for info.I will rescan it just to be sure.Scan times indicate it was scanned though.Log info will show you the backdoor Kevin Zoll checked out for me.I think it was put there by online tech support(was having sign in problems).I am not totally sure so just wanna be safe and make sure backups are clean.Hope to be able to do all the tech stuff myself one day. scan_170103-221526.txt
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