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  1. Ok. Thanks anyway. I will keep following similar 3d found here below.
  2. Hello, I am quite sure I have been infected by PClock2 or similar. Unfortunately I stopped the program during the encryption so no screen appeared to me. I only have a folder (in appdata roaming microsoft crypto) with en_files.txt and en_gfiles.txt which are the list of files being crypted. There were a file there called syspoz.exe which has been deleted by malawarebytes I guess, or by me (i can't recall now, sorry). The crypted files has no changed extension, but it is the same as before. Unfortunately the decrypt_PClock2.exe doesn't want to decrypt because it says that pc is not infected by pclock.. but I am quite sure it is. is there any way to force the program to descrypt files anyway? I will sort a folder with few files to test if it works.. Thank you. Best Regards Davide