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  1. I found one program to trying to connect at the startup and I make a rule for allowing this connection. I don't have this issue since. For your information, it was the Synology Cloud Client who wanted to connect to my personal NAS. I don't know what only this connection generate this issue... I can provide logs files if you want to investigate. I only have SypBot installed, but without active agents (only used for manual scan and blacklist hosts in the host's file). I installed the last version available. Neither buttons are responding. Yes, I understand but it's not that a program is digitally signed that we must trust it. And in my opinion, this product miss a important option to allow/deny temporary a program a connection. E.G. if I install a application/drivers, I don't need to have definitely a rule allowing/denying an external connection. I want 4 licenses, at least 1 Security for the laptop and AM for others; so they are a difference on the price and on the discount (50% instead 30%). However, I already tried to order both version and I only found in my basket the last product added
  2. Addendum: After the second reboot, I have the same issue; pfa a screenshot. The other issue is that I cannot shutdown properly my computer now, it's stay on the windows "Restarting..." screen and I must force the shutdown. I wait +20 minutes before doing it; usually my computer reboot in less than 30 seconds (Win10 is installed on NVMe M.2 drive).
  3. Hello guys, On a fresh installation, still in evaluation mode, I have the following issue. On the first restart after the installation, I have the windows for the choice of allow/block a new connection. I cannot select any options, this windows is frozen and the worst and it's stay on top on all other windows in the middle of the screen. I wait 10-15 minutes, without any reaction, before kill it with task manager. I don't have access to Control Panel (classic and new version) since your application crash, it's doesn't open or show empty list. Also, for the initial rules created after the installation, why I have all with program directly in trusted application without asking if I want it. Subsidiary question: If I finally decide to buy it, it's not possible to buy one or more different with the same group reduction? In my case, I don't need the firewall because I have an hardware FW with IPS. However I want one for my laptop. Thanks for your help!