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  1. Hi i have a long term licence and rom the first time i like emsi.I see the product changue, one and another time but always the changues are for benefit. I recognize emsi not have a "pretty interface full of junk" like another products who think "more are better", and that are good. I see 3 changues in emsi, and i want to say my opinion, and want you tell me if i understand. 1.- The remove of Online Armor and Emsisoft Internet Security. I Think this a good desision. First I understand you do it because you think Windows firewall are good in their work. Second you say all Firewalls use WFP and only are front end to see what windows firewall does, for example Norton, Kaspersky, firewalls etc. Third softwares like glasswire or WFC are useless.Are something i do not understand? 2.- You decide put "Antirasomware shield" . I think this is a bad desición because you do not add "another layer of protection" this is a marketing cuestion. For me you must rename behavior shield . For me is useless see 2 thing who are the same in the interface. 3.- I am very worried about the Fileguard modificaition. In webrroot says something similar to you "a virus not harm if you do not execute", and i think all avs or antimalwares have to scan files for virueses when the files are executed, but i really not like to store infected files include if they arent drangerous. For me scan only on execute is a error. I dont see the increse on perfomance. I am not english wirter or speaker but that are my opinion i hope you tell me if i understand your desisions and solve my concerns abuout point 3.
  2. I send you the reports wait for your answer Addition.txt Forensics_180601-040745.txt FRST.txt
  3. Before install emsi i click on a fb profile of one of my friends and he said it is virus . I click on "Special video" . What sould i do? Now i am installing EAM and runing that I put the url whith xxx to not compromise people
  4. I scan whith emsi a removable media i have a susy trojan i send to quarintine, then i recover the files and scan documents folder and then perform a fullmalware scan . I send you my reports and my farbar tool reports to see if i dont have traces and i send you a screen shot because i see in scan tab does not appear the units who emsi scan is it normal? -- Emsisoft Anti-Malware Full 2018.1.0.8407 stable [es-es] OS: Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 64-bit Edition) Addition.txt Forensics_180210-112732.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hi kev as i say you i have reconfigure my pc and want to know if i have this extrange proxy . I send here my FRST logs to see if i dont have that extrange proxy Addition.txt FRST.txt
  6. Hi two days ago emsi detect something and i delete it it says are something in my browser who make cryptcoins or somethingl ikethat sorry to be ambigous. I delete the emsisoft logs. I have scan whith FRT to see if i have no traces FRST.txt Addition.txt Shortcut.txt
  7. Hey umbra but if you untick you have to enable defender realtime protection and the pc cames irresponsive
  8. Hi i read in this post umbra said you can use this feature alongside emsisoft it means are compatible? how can we use togheter?. Does anybody use it? Any issues? Maybe dont take in count but dont you think emsi must try to create a easy way to install and use emsi alongside this feature?
  9. In that case the firewalls are fake? only are managers to windows filtering? In México we say "Ellos dan atole con el dedo"
  10. Hi and hello i am here. I am a very paranoid user and sometimes i know i am a headhache. I think sometimes for me is simply imposible relax. I think i am always under virus atack. One time before educate me (not use cracked software, not go to drangerous sites) i catch a extrange virus I click on a file and then i can not acces to my files. Include two of my hard drives trash. I lost too many things, poems, novels, wirtes, music, videos. I try several security programs but no one satisfy me. Now i am using emsisoft for a mor than a year continously and for me you are the most honest company in security matter, you respect the user privacy, you teach the user about the need or not need of something. I really want to thank you because you teach me how to reduce security software installed on my pc. Now i have a ligthweigth config and feel great. Really for you or because you i enjoy my pc Thanks emsi
  11. Hi sorry for add me but for me thats no t give me peace on mind. For a few days i install the infected versions of ccleaner on my laptop whith emsi, emsi does not detect nothing i use 64 bit system. I format my pc and defender catch the installer and then i go to forums to see what happen. Now ¿Is recomended changue my passwords?. I changue my passwords during the hacking 10 to 20 of september. Am i hacked? i run full scans i dont think have any trace of that thing but maybe my data are transfer to that servers. I feel nerveous.
  12. Hey hey beofre wirte this i am not sure but i confirm umbra polaris from malwaretips cames to emsisoft as a comunity manager. Congratulations. I think he is a very good person, profesional, and critic. This remarks, emsi is democratic, and search the most especialized people to work whith they. Really dont speak good english but i have to say. Umbra can give a good atention to users he is a critic person, and have bast experience. I love emsi blogpost, thecology etc, but now whith umbra i feel more confortable. Realmente creo que umbra es una buena persona y muy profesional, creo que aquí Emsi no sólo crea el mejor software, escoge a los mejores para trabajar con él. Yo soy un usuario paranoico y siempre ando con problemas de combos, compatibilidad y destrozando sistemas y veo que entre todo el soporte está umbra por aquí, eso me da paz en mi mente. David, Arthur y Thomas son también gente profesional y creo que ahora forman un equipo humano muy fuerte. Pero en fin sólo quería felicitar a Umbra polaris.
  13. I think its a good alternative but i think emsi must implement silent mode in manual scans
  14. Thanks Arthur but i refer what is posible Emsi says everything are ok and really some modules not are working? For example the webshield or webprotection not are working and emsi says it are working?
  15. Hi i want to know if emsi haves some indicator in the main interface who says if everything are ok or not.. I see some security products who dont work well but says "you are protected", for example if some feature work bad if i install another software or if i reinstall emsi Emsi says me if are everything ok or not? One example of this issues are in avast they say "you are protected but some shields stops", same case whith norton Include Windows sometimes says you dont have installed AV or updated av in security center when you have an AV.