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  1. Thanks i will try to disable that option because the others Works very well whith emsi and i will reinstall this whitout registry cleaner. Now do you think a registry cleaner can delete a important part of emsi software?
  2. Ok supouse you are using many task for example reading a mail reading a document and a web page you put alt tab and "Emsi window" appear you only want to see the programs you are using. All vendors i know can close window and continue scanning and show % in the section of hour, wi fi, etc. you put alt tab and AV window dont appear
  3. I can not close window during scan and it stay mimized in tray
  4. I dont refer mimize window i refer close window
  5. Hi i understand are many threats but i think is necesary have a pin post where every user can see that . I know we can search in emsi forum Is emsi compatible whith X? is necesary that feature? But if we see this information in a single post we dont make unnecesary post about I need comodo firewall? i need antiexe?
  6. I want to ask you what do you think about a friendly install process but i dont mean less desisions i mean personal and easy desisions 1.- Do you have this incompatible software do you want to uninstall it before install emsi? 2.- ¿Do you have a licence key? yes no introduce it 3.- Do you want antimalware network? 4.- Do you want pup protection 5..- Do you want block risk privacy sites? 6.- What days do you want emsi analize pc sheduled? 7.- We run a scan before install Something like that less or more options but personalized install maybe changue the words. My last post of the day
  7. I want to know from the forum users and emsisoft team What do you think is unnecesary and why Whith the recent desision to ran out firewall i see a good argument to use windows firewall embebed and i am leaving to use another softwares like antiexes or antipishingsor sandbox. What is unnecesary for you and why Virtualization software? Virtual browsers? For me i read they install certificates and are include more vulnerables than traditional browsers. Antiexes? For me are cover by behavior shield but i think they are more strict and can work well whith emsi but maybe i t will be unnecesary Secondary scanders Malwarebytes or Hitman pro? I think only detect FP But Password managers are unnecesary? What another thing are unnecesary if we have emsi?
  8. Hi i see this is necesary can continue scan task include if someone have or decide to close EAM window all security products can do that and when i want to scan my pc i have to maintain emsi window open. I think is necesary can close the window and continue scan task.
  9. I have a sugestion i am playing now a game called layers of fears and that file not are recognized for antimalware network i suggest you automatically upload this files from the program interface and recive the diagnostic to be added to antimalware network whitout have to open the webbrowser i think the upload unknow or suspicious file must be from the EAM interface and not from web browser and include this in forensic logs.
  10. Comodo, Adguard or Heimdal to complement EAM

    Hi Arthur i have Binisoft but i think the interface are ugly in comparision whith windows embebed
  11. Hi i like AVG tuneup programs . In Special AVG i feel more performance for the memory optimizations and for the cleaning in resisual of steam games, altougth i like their defrag function and the disk repair function i feel that are better than windows embebed ones. I use ccleaner alongside I have worried about delete something important of emsi for example a old or "invalid" registry key Have any problem whith this programs automated maintain? I think emsi is a security program and for that reason dont let a "Tuneup program" changues something You figth whith malware and i think the main modules and files, functions, features, etc, the essential and necesary to emsi runs are very protected and can not be corrupted for a Tuneup program But tell me have any risk to use that?
  12. Comodo, Adguard or Heimdal to complement EAM

    I talk whith David from emsisoft and he says me adguard works well whith emsisoft, respect heimdal i sometimes see it consumes a lot of cpu i dont know how that program works and if have or not realtime monitor who are potentiali incompatible. Respect a firewall David says Emsi can not guarantee to be compatible whith another firewall. Sincerily i dont understand Emsi only check if an app allow for windows firewall does something suspicious ? emsi only does that whith windows FW or whith others? Zonealarm looks good but i never try it. I have a binisoft licence but i dont see it offer better interface than windows fw . I see now on day too many softwares are "intraces for windows fw, maybe fw industry are death and windows embebed one are very good I really like the product ligthweigth on system and very powerful
  13. Hi first congratulations for your desision about migrate EIS to EAM and now i have some cuestions 1.- If i decide to use a firewall like comodo it will be compatible what tweaks or configs i have to do to work together? 2.- I like to use a adguard desktop licence to complement EAM i dont know if they install a network driver or something but for me is a good product it is compatible whith EAM? 3.- I know Heimdal are a special tool against rasomware i dont know if they have realtime protection but are a antipishing and secure dns it will be compatible whith EAM I hope you can educate us as users to understand what we need or what no
  14. Hi first i have to say you "congratulations for the decision to migrate EIS to EAM " I think this desision is very controversial but before that I always are in the indesision EAM or EIS? For me is good hear the Windows FW are good option and is good to hear Emsi helps to work in the better way posible. Another vendors like Avira and Trend micro take similar desisions. For me is cool "Cheap software, same functionality and protection. You always answer in the forum, and always help us. I think you know how to maintain us safe but i understand too another guys, For me is more confortable know you develop a "Special firewall" For me is more confortable see red and green marks in websites like WOT extension. For me is important you say me all the time i am secure. "Emsi checks this mail and no found viruses" signature is confortable to me "Emsi blocks a bad website" is good to me. I understand why you dont put popups for everything, but some users need it. I know you develop a excelent product but you must be adaptative, for example your antirasomware module is marketing thing but some users feel better whith that. Windows defender can say have antirasom but if they dont show us or dont specify we feel bad and unsecure. Try to understand the paranoid generated for the actual tiems and another companies.
  15. Hi i really are happy whith this desicion because i have a long long licence of emsisoft. I always like more antimalware than EIS, for me is very expensive and the firewall very "discrect", no alerts, no nothing, for me that Firewall was a bad try. I ask emsi support to changue my licence from EIS to EAM and viceversa from EAM to EIS because the desicion is very dificult to me. Some day i think "Emsi firewall maybe are great and i dont see it" and another times i think "this does not exists and does not do nothing" Include i have a desesperation when i try to install EIS on windows 7 and i dont have the KBXXXXXX update because microsoft servers down. MS haves long time whith their FW maybe they are doing something good. I have 4 years licence i will have 6 years licence of emsi. For me great.