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  1. I send you the reports wait for your answer Addition.txt Forensics_180601-040745.txt FRST.txt
  2. Before install emsi i click on a fb profile of one of my friends and he said it is virus . I click on "Special video" . What sould i do? Now i am installing EAM and runing that I put the url whith xxx to not compromise people https://xxx.facebook.com/Miklistli/activity/957761784401554?comment_id=957762854401447&notif_id=1527812882874767&notif_t=mentions_comment https://www.virustotal.com/es/url/6e1e012cb44db6112c38171df7f9a8829b386948ce5cb2588a5623aaef41d019/analysis/1527812941/ https://www.virustotal.com/es/url/81657085141be23c497e0c09e782fd693b07168481e75cb16162e8611d1953fa/analysis/1527813173/
  3. I scan whith emsi a removable media i have a susy trojan i send to quarintine, then i recover the files and scan documents folder and then perform a fullmalware scan . I send you my reports and my farbar tool reports to see if i dont have traces and i send you a screen shot because i see in scan tab does not appear the units who emsi scan is it normal? -- Emsisoft Anti-Malware Full 2018.1.0.8407 stable [es-es] OS: Windows 10 (Version 10.0, Build 16299, 64-bit Edition) Addition.txt Forensics_180210-112732.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hi kev as i say you i have reconfigure my pc and want to know if i have this extrange proxy . I send here my FRST logs to see if i dont have that extrange proxy Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Hi two days ago emsi detect something and i delete it it says are something in my browser who make cryptcoins or somethingl ikethat sorry to be ambigous. I delete the emsisoft logs. I have scan whith FRT to see if i have no traces FRST.txt Addition.txt Shortcut.txt
  6. Hey umbra but if you untick you have to enable defender realtime protection and the pc cames irresponsive
  7. Hi i read in this post https://blog.emsisoft.com/2017/11/08/windows-10-ransomware-protection-good-enough/ umbra said you can use this feature alongside emsisoft it means are compatible? how can we use togheter?. Does anybody use it? Any issues? Maybe dont take in count but dont you think emsi must try to create a easy way to install and use emsi alongside this feature?
  8. Hi sorry for add me but for me thats no t give me peace on mind. For a few days i install the infected versions of ccleaner on my laptop whith emsi, emsi does not detect nothing i use 64 bit system. I format my pc and defender catch the installer and then i go to forums to see what happen. Now ¿Is recomended changue my passwords?. I changue my passwords during the hacking 10 to 20 of september. Am i hacked? i run full scans i dont think have any trace of that thing but maybe my data are transfer to that servers. I feel nerveous.
  9. Thanks Arthur but i refer what is posible Emsi says everything are ok and really some modules not are working? For example the webshield or webprotection not are working and emsi says it are working?
  10. Hi i want to know if emsi haves some indicator in the main interface who says if everything are ok or not.. I see some security products who dont work well but says "you are protected", for example if some feature work bad if i install another software or if i reinstall emsi Emsi says me if are everything ok or not? One example of this issues are in avast they say "you are protected but some shields stops", same case whith norton Include Windows sometimes says you dont have installed AV or updated av in security center when you have an AV.
  11. I like emsisoft but i dont like some points of their vision. and some inconsistences in their discourse.First of all i have to say i agree whith this desision but i have some point who want they take in count. Principally i think is bad dont take the user in count. Maybe a litle public survey previous to that desision make me feel i count, but no, they decide and nobody ask to us, and we are the user finally. Second I like have no bloated software but i think emsisoft team are inconsistent most users says "Dont put all your eggs in one basket" but as i can see emsi says "dont use another softwares because we dont guarantee compatibility". For example Adguard works well and nobody sees any issue but nobody guarantee compatibility. Include emsi says they dont guarantee EAM works whith another firewall diferent of Windows, they say their feature to reforce windows firewall only works whith windows. How can we make a custom security config if nobody help us to customise. And answers like "If you dont like emsi search another providor like this are bad, You trap more flies whith honey. In another companies they say "Dont leave us and we give partial 50% refunds but stay" Do not take me bad I love emsi and like their company vision i try you go well, and i belive in constructive criticism. Try to educate us to show us what we need and what features we dont need and what add ons we can add and what we can nor. For example i use now NVT and Winantirasom, i like Winantirasom and stop using NVT i have too Winprivacy or winpatrol firewall i know that programs have some functions similar to emsi and another diferents but i think 4 eyes works better than 2. I use adguard as antipishing too. I think emsi must answer diferent. Not have to say. I think and sorry for that, you are impositive sometimes and the users feel that whith your resent desision. I take my own desisions "Stay whith emsi" and use another programs while i dont see aparent conflict.
  12. Hi Arthur, for me thats are very worry because that apps are very extended to use and i think emsi will can protect for this apps. It means emsi does not have something like autoprotect?. if a "good app" can do something whith emsi what can do a malware?
  13. Thanks i will try to disable that option because the others Works very well whith emsi and i will reinstall this whitout registry cleaner. Now do you think a registry cleaner can delete a important part of emsi software?
  14. Hi Arthur i have Binisoft but i think the interface are ugly in comparision whith windows embebed
  15. Hi i like AVG tuneup programs . In Special AVG i feel more performance for the memory optimizations and for the cleaning in resisual of steam games, altougth i like their defrag function and the disk repair function i feel that are better than windows embebed ones. I use ccleaner alongside I have worried about delete something important of emsi for example a old or "invalid" registry key Have any problem whith this programs automated maintain? I think emsi is a security program and for that reason dont let a "Tuneup program" changues something You figth whith malware and i think the main modules and files, functions, features, etc, the essential and necesary to emsi runs are very protected and can not be corrupted for a Tuneup program But tell me have any risk to use that?
  16. I talk whith David from emsisoft and he says me adguard works well whith emsisoft, respect heimdal i sometimes see it consumes a lot of cpu i dont know how that program works and if have or not realtime monitor who are potentiali incompatible. Respect a firewall David says Emsi can not guarantee to be compatible whith another firewall. Sincerily i dont understand Emsi only check if an app allow for windows firewall does something suspicious ? emsi only does that whith windows FW or whith others? Zonealarm looks good but i never try it. I have a binisoft licence but i dont see it offer better interface than windows fw . I see now on day too many softwares are "intraces for windows fw, maybe fw industry are death and windows embebed one are very good I really like the product ligthweigth on system and very powerful
  17. Hi first congratulations for your desision about migrate EIS to EAM and now i have some cuestions 1.- If i decide to use a firewall like comodo it will be compatible what tweaks or configs i have to do to work together? 2.- I like to use a adguard desktop licence to complement EAM i dont know if they install a network driver or something but for me is a good product it is compatible whith EAM? 3.- I know Heimdal are a special tool against rasomware i dont know if they have realtime protection but are a antipishing and secure dns it will be compatible whith EAM I hope you can educate us as users to understand what we need or what no
  18. Hi i really are happy whith this desicion because i have a long long licence of emsisoft. I always like more antimalware than EIS, for me is very expensive and the firewall very "discrect", no alerts, no nothing, for me that Firewall was a bad try. I ask emsi support to changue my licence from EIS to EAM and viceversa from EAM to EIS because the desicion is very dificult to me. Some day i think "Emsi firewall maybe are great and i dont see it" and another times i think "this does not exists and does not do nothing" Include i have a desesperation when i try to install EIS on windows 7 and i dont have the KBXXXXXX update because microsoft servers down. MS haves long time whith their FW maybe they are doing something good. I have 4 years licence i will have 6 years licence of emsi. For me great.
  19. Hi i am navigating on a website and recibe a popup who says my Windows is corrupt and my files will be deleted. When i do that i have EIS installed . I restore my system by a system image. I do the procediments and here my reports. I have 2 cuestions 1.- Do you think i can install secureaplus or semana antimalware to be more secure? or Adguard? 2.- Some add to prevent rasomware PD I dont know Why my reports are duplicated FRST_13-01-2017 20.59.06.txt Addition_13-01-2017 21.02.17.txt Addition_13-01-2017 20.59.06.txt scan_170113-182026.txt scan_170113-182001.txt FRST_13-01-2017 21.02.17.txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
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