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  1. Yes but I tried Firefox in safe mode and still same problem. This is with EAM installed. Without it installed it works fine. Thanks.
  2. Wait that is not true I forgot I went back a image and didn't install Emsisoft Anti-Malware yet sorry.
  3. Weird it works now. Even without safe mode. The only difference is I am not allowing any scripts with No Script maybe that is the difference I don't know.
  4. Firefox 69. Yes NoScript but I have the scripts allowed that are needed to get the forum to work and it does when I disable web protection on Emsisoft Anti-Malware.
  5. Firefox. Only Emsisoft Anti-Malware. I noticed when I disable web protection on Emsisoft Anti-Malware it works. Weird.
  6. https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/boards/index.php?/forum/6-royal-caribbean-discussion/ The main forum page works but when I click on a forum it is always blank with no topics. Why? How do I fix ?
  7. I clicked on the option for free trial but nothing. Won't let me select anything after this screen. This is with EmsisoftAntiMalwareSetup64.msi file I downloaded direct from the site. EmsisoftAntiMalwareWebSetup.exe works though I just got to download the program every time to install or reinstall again. P.S. I am thinking could the reason be that the .msi file doesn't work and gets stuck on that screen is because I use a limited user account on Windows 10? (Non-admin)
  8. The first link worked the second links did not, yes I chose the right one. 64 bit it wouldn’t let me enter my license key because I couldn’t click on enter key. Yes my mouse is working fine.
  9. Forgot to say I entered my license key before the update of the program. Like I always do. So it was weird it asked for something again after. It kept saying not valid though.
  10. I have the same problem but canceling out of it works. Weird. It wanted my license key or login info to the license key info. That or I could do 30 day free trial. There was a forth option but I forgot what it was sorry. Didn't take a screenshot either.
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