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  1. Oh, Sorry, of it but I posted on Forum also. Thank you very most.
  2. cerber ransomware your documents, photos,databases and other important files have been encrypted! to receive theprivate kay and decryption program go to any decryptedfolder - insidether is the special file (*elp_decrypted*) with complete instructions how to decrypt your files. if you cannot not find any (*help_Decryptt*) file at your pc, follow the instructions below: 1. Download "Tor Broser" from Https://ww.torproject.org/ and install it. 2. in the "tor Broser" open your personal page here: http://p27dokhpz2nynvgr.onion/9DFF-2A50-967F-006A-5689 Note! This page is available via "tor Broser" only. _HELP_DECRYPT_JJD0YE_.hta 1v-xDNTRwE.a64d 5Q8P1BKLIp.a64d CFJfn92Xdz.a64d CPq4whybae.a64d eLSE48HZ0i.a64d oXb246qzeD.a64d Wt0LlJgRNK.a64d
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