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  1. Thanks for your answer! I am a student so just experimenting with different security suites and learning.
  2. That is amazing well said and heart felt. I felt the same way and share those exact feelings. Its a pity but as a niche user, its time to part ways and move to other. Emsisoft does offer a refund for the remaining of the license.
  3. Hello, decided to use another internet security suite, is it ok if I transfer the key to a friend? I have like 2 years left.
  4. Thank you so much! Appreciate the generousity! Poor hungry student trying to min max. I just tried it like 5 minutes ago without reading your reply...... It started on the 15th and will end 16th of next year on Jan. 2018 ='(
  5. Hello, Currently on my 2nd day Trail of EIS, if I activate my key would it append or start my license on the day I activate it? Thanks!
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