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  1. Thank you. It worked. I guess ... Could you please conffirm that Rogue Killer erased the threat? Thanks scan_170126-152842.txt rk_44DE.tmp.txt
  2. Thamk you.Done. next step? Thanks rk_A78B.tmp.txt
  3. Done. The backdoor.bedep(a) is still there. What can I do now? Thanks AdwCleaner[C2].txt AdwCleaner[S3].txt scan_170124-081640.txt JRT3.txt AdwCleaner[S2].txt scan_170124-083551.txt AdwCleaner[C3].txt
  4. Done. The backdoor.bedep(a) is still there. What can I do now? Thanks JRT2.txt AdwCleaner[C0].txt AdwCleaner[S1].txt JRT.txt AdwCleaner[S0].txt scan_170121-140717.txt
  5. I ran FRST as administrator. Same result, as shown in th attached file. Could you please tell me what is the next step? Thank you Fixlog.txt
  6. The backdoor.bedep(a) is still there. How can I erase it? scan_170119-074455.txt scan_170119-074335.txt
  7. Thank you, Please finde attached hereto fixlog.txt. It says error: access denied. What do I have to do now? Fixlog.txt
  8. Please find attached the log file showing the threat . EAM detected the threat but seemed not to be able to erase or quarantine it. Actually EAM doesn't detect the threat any more. Do you think it's been deleted or the threat is well hidden? Thank you scan_170116-181312.txt
  9. I ran EEK (Yesterday and tday) and FRST. I attached the files you asked for. Could you please help me now? Gianmarco Addition.txt FRST.txt Scan_170116-075543.txt
  10. Emsisoft Malware detected the trheat but it can't remove or quarantine Bedep. My PC runs windows 7Ultimate 64bit. Could you please help me to remove the theat? Thank you in advance. Gianmarco