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  1. Hi I'm new to the forum and this topic may already out there but I wasn't able to find it. If it is, please refer me to it. If not please help me out. I just got into this position and I deployed eSet into a few of our servers, win2k to Win 12R2. Within a few days, I've noticed that on servers and many share drives got the Win32/Filecoder.CryptoWall.Cr.Gen were detected. Many of these files were back in 2014 and may not get to used anymore but there are also some folders are dated today's date are infected as well. I read this forum: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/virus-removal/cryptowall-ransomware-information#discover and pretty much there's no way to removed the Trojan Win32/Filecoder.Crypotowall. So am I pretty much out of luck?
  2. I wanted to know too. Our systems also get infected.
  3. did you find an answer for the topic yet?
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