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  1. Doesn't appear after a restart, but I've installed this onto two systems now and the issue reproduced on both of them. They run ESET software, could that conflict? Once I first start up the EEK scanner after installing it, right after it loads the signatures and prompts me to run an update, the Windows error message pops up behind the EEK window. If I close EEK and re-open EEK, the error message doesn't appear again. But since it showed the first time, it's hard to trust the results from EEK.
  2. When running EEK I get this message from Windows, "A digitally signed driver is required". EEK seems to run, I can update and navigate through the GUI, but I'm not sure I would trust the integrity of the scanning like this. I've only seen this message once before with an Intel driver after the Windows 10 1607 update. Spec: EEK: Windows 10 Home x64: 1607 What should I do?