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  1. for me: EOT unfortunately here is no cure for encrypted files - as i see I formatted hdd, most data recovered from backup I curious, enyone payed these bandits for decryption?
  2. Dear Emsisoft Team, Finaly I have to do something with infected PC. Format or cure (recover) MARRY files. Is there any chance for "medicine"? /BR
  3. Hi Version .50 really detetect files and begin cure process Unfortunately recovered files are not readable. I still belive in You - Emsisoft :-) /BR
  4. Hi Kevin, Thanks for recognize - source of infection. As I said - to be sure i will format or make fresh windows instalation. But what about decryption of infected files? Is there any chance to find the solution?
  5. Thanks Kevin, I can find and send other files but i can't localize the source of infection. I don't know how it happend - that's my friends computer On this infected PC (with Windows 2012 server) is no mail program and usually nobody work on it - that's jus file and base server. I may suspect it was infected months ago and now malware activated. My idea is to format PC to be sure the all malware will be killed. Still wait for Your advice but if no succes i will do this /BR
  6. Hi I have propapbly the same situation as described in this topic: Unfortunately Decrypter don't workI attach 2 files: proper and encryptedAsk for advice to resolve this problem /BR 2files.rar
  7. Hi The same situation. Unfortunately Decrypter don't work I attach 2 files: proper and encrypted Ask for advice to resolve this problem /BR 2files.rar
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