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  1. Thank you but someone from Emsisoft David Bigger Head of support Already fixed my All Issues on email! The VBS Error + The website popup! God bless him and you. Now I can play without any annoying popups.
  2. the poppup of the VBS erorr keep coming back!
  3. I already scanned today! There Is the logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hello, I have a VBS Error Popup each couple of minutes and Its so annoying! Cant work on the computer with this I tried to run Full scan with EIS But It detecs nothing. I've attached an Image here please view It!
  5. I Just found out It reidrecats me to wonderlands then to this http://play-g56.com/?zoneid=184394&sz=184394 Which Is an ad of a game.
  6. What do you mean? Its PUP Beacuse Its not malware but Its super annoying me. Please what can we do?
  7. Still same Issue! Wtf Is happening? so weird.
  8. LOGS Down. virusinfo_syscheck.htm virusinfo_syscheck.xml virusinfo_syscheck.zip