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  1. Thank you but someone from Emsisoft David Bigger Head of support Already fixed my All Issues on email! The VBS Error + The website popup! God bless him and you. Now I can play without any annoying popups.
  2. the poppup of the VBS erorr keep coming back!
  3. I already scanned today! There Is the logs. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hello, I have a VBS Error Popup each couple of minutes and Its so annoying! Cant work on the computer with this I tried to run Full scan with EIS But It detecs nothing. I've attached an Image here please view It!
  5. I Just found out It reidrecats me to wonderlands then to this http://play-g56.com/?zoneid=184394&sz=184394 Which Is an ad of a game.
  6. What do you mean? Its PUP Beacuse Its not malware but Its super annoying me. Please what can we do?
  7. LOGS Down. virusinfo_syscheck.htm virusinfo_syscheck.xml virusinfo_syscheck.zip