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  1. In my OS rebuild when I had Win7 install all 187 Windows Updates I would get a Desktop with no ToolBar and no Desktop Icons for programs and the Desktop Image was about half normal size. Prior to the Windows Updates Win7 behaved normally. After ANOTHER OS install, I installed the Windows Updates in small batches and was able to identify the tainted Update that was trashing my system, it is Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. I did a Restore and then Updated everything except WMSRT and all seems well. Question: Is there any need to have Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool if I have Emsisoft running?
  2. Emsisoft Anti-Malware Full Version Win7 Pro x64 Involved in an OS rebuild and am finding that updating all 187 Updates trashes my system, so updating in smaller groups in hopes of locating the bad update. However, MS says one must disable your active anti-malware prior to updating. How do I turn Emsisoft off temperately?