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  1. Hi Kevin, Just running through some files now, but the decryption tool has found dozens of potential key pairs with the two files I used to start the decryption process. As a result, I've no idea which one to pick from the drop-down menu. I've tried a few, but they do not successfully decrypt any files. Best regards, Peter.
  2. Hi Kevin, Thanks for that! Seems to work well on a few test files although I haven't let it rip on the whole system yet. Will let you know the outcome. Best regards, Peter
  3. Hi Kevin, I've been following the other threads regarding MRCR Bruce, as our systems were infected on Monday 23 Jan. Since then I've managed to track down the infected machine, isolate it and run several scans. I've run Emsisoft Anti-Malware and the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. The results are attached, along with the Chrome_Font.exe in case it's a different version to the others. I believe the route of infection was a website, This site did not display correctly on first load and initiated a file download of the notorious Chrome_Font.exe. While the site appears to be okay now, I can't be sure. Perhaps you could check this site for any potential infection. We really appreciate your help and hope the creation of a decryption tool will be possible. Best regards, Peter.
  4. We have been affected by the latest Bruce version of this ransomware. Would it be any use if we sent you a copy of an encrypted file and it's un-encrypted counterpart?