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  1. I just downloaded the new release of the decripter:, and I managed to decrypt all files. You guys are lifesavers. Thank you for your involvement and dedication in fixing this issue. God bless you!
  2. Hello, Firstly, thank you for your effort to provide this free tool. A friend also encountered this issue on a laptop (Win 7 Pro 64 bit), and decryption partially works on a few jpgs, however, word, excel, pdfs don't seem to decrypt and I have a vague feeling that the decription key retrieved is partial. I am linking a zipped file that contains: 1. Malware executable 2. A pair of files that retrieve the key 3. A pair of files that don't retrieve the key 4. Files that don't decrypt with the retrieved key 5. Decrypt log. Link: I am providing URL because attaching the archive failed in either rar or zip format. Please remove the link from my post after you downloaded the zip file. Hope this helps. Thank you again for the effort!