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  1. Hey thanks! This actually helped.. For some reason I thought I would need a counterpart for ALL the encrypted files. Per your example, I found a file that I recently e-mailed to someone and used that to drag/drop.. and now it's doing something too! *crossing fingers
  2. I'm having a similar issue here as well. However, I'm confused as to how I would attain unencrypted counterparts of my files if I'm trying to decrypt the files to begin with. I guess what I'm saying is that, unfortunately, I don't have any unencrypted backups of my files so I have nothing to pair with these files. Is there any other way to get these pairs or am I doing something wrong?
  3. Hello! I was recently duped into the whole Chrome_font.exe virus/ransomware. I didn't really see an actual ransom though - I had left my computer for a couple hours only to return to all my personal files be changed to the .merry extension. Before finding this forum, I had already made efforts to remove the Chrome_font.exe virus by stopping it's processes and doing a system restore - although I'm not sure it's completely gone? Still, my personal files are still encrypted and I cannot access them. I'm reaching out for further assistance as I am having difficulty decrpyting the files using the newest update on this site. Advice? logs.db3 Addition.txt FRST.txt