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  1. Thank you. I also went ahead and ran a FRST64 scan. I re-named those files with today's date and am attaching them here, as well as the Fixlog.txt that you requested, just in case you need them. Fixlog.txt Addition 17-02-14.txt FRST 17-02-14.txt
  2. Got .MERRY approx 2 weeks ago. Caught it part-way through it's process, and deleted the .exe files which had propagated 11,000+ times. Your software (and a couple of others) did not find the virus any more. Your decrypter saved MONTHS of work, and decrypted the files. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Since then, MSWord had been having some problems when it tried to locate a .dot file (for example when I wanted to insert page numbers). I was trying to find time to re-install MSWord. Also, approximately 1x/day, computer would restart with "Blue Screen of Death" (I'm sorr
  3. Worked beautifully! (and the Norton Virus Team assistant manager was stunned when he called back to find out if I had had any progress...I hope this results in much extra business for you.) Are there places I can post reviews about this result, or other such things that would tangibly show appreciation? Please let me know if there is any solution to a couple of small things. But, first-and-foremost, you just help save some very important legal work about democracy and voting rights. 1. The "modified" date on all the files is now, of course, 1/29/17 which is--in
  4. First: Y'all sure do handle things in a nice way. Really appreciated the "just try it for 30 days" approach. Also really appreciated the "here's something you can learn while our program is scanning." LIkely you already know that the FRST program is so unknown that (another company's antivirus--product starts with No and company starts with Sy) flagged and removed the program as soon as I downloaded it. Telling that program to "ignore" something it has flagged that strongly is a little scary for those of us who know nothing about this and just got infected by a rather potent virus.
  5. You're welcome, though I'm going to disconnect from this thread because I see there were some steps I was supposed to follow including starting my own thread.
  6. Mine's running. It's literally got tens of thousands of files to process, so no idea how long it will take, but it is running faster than I can see it. Every once in a while it pauses and I'm able to see "Status: Successfully processed," so I'm hopeful. Will update!
  7. You're not confused. You'd--hopefully--have an old file somewhere and then the same file that got encrypted. An old backup? A file you emailed to someone so you could retrieve it from your email? I gather the program is basically automatically reverse-engineering the encryption by comparing files. Y'all are brilliant.
  8. I'm jumping over to where this is posted in another topic. But I see that the decrypter was updated from v1.0.0.34 to Downloaded that and now it's doing something!!! (We'll see what happens)
  9. Same issue, though I caught the virus part way through and seem to have disabled it (ironically, but simply doing a search for the .exe filename (which showed up over 11,000 times), and then pressing "delete." That was Wednesday. No files have been modified since, but I'm getting an error when I try to use the decryption program. But I'm stuck at trying to recover files. If the files have .MERRY extensions, does that mean they're encrypted? The program asks me to "drag and drop both an encrypted file as well as its unencrypted counterpart onto the decrypter." I
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