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  1. i was wrong..even the pdf files don't work now..Everything id corrupted. I think i will have to delete all files and restore everything to factory defaults
  2. I had the same problem yesterday..all my files got encrypted..but when i downloaded the decryptor on this dite , it found a key when i used the encrypted and unencrypted version of a pdf file. However, it decrypts the jpg files and pdf files successfully but the video files with .wav and mp4 extensions are not decrypted..Though the decryptor has successfully decrypted them as it shows in the resulats but the video does not play..I think the key is different for different kinds of files. What should i do ?? plss help.. I used the following encrypted and unencrypted files for the decryption.. Lab Anim-1971-Moore-239-50.pdf Lab Anim-1971-Moore-239-50.pdf.MERRY here is the log file in which the decryptor says that the files have been successfully decrypted however the files annot be played actually in video players.. log.txt