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  1. Hi Kevin Sir, My system got infected with Pclock on 6 jan 2017 , and lot of my files got encrypted , i didnt know what to do so googled and detached the lan cable to avoid further encryption , i was not able to remove the virus or install any antivirus so re installed window and installed antivirus with the help of which i was able to detect the malware and remove it , i tried various tools to decrypt the files from trend mico avast etc , but none of which were able to detect the type of malware , Just yesterday i was able to detect the malware with the help of website idmalware.com , and found that malware here was pclock , i downloaded your tool to decrypt the files but when i try to run the tool the following message pops up. "This system does not appear to have been targetted by pclock malware in the past. To prevent you from damaging your files by accident the decrypter will close now". Kindly help me . Thanks Kamal Gyanani