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  1. Hello, We have a large number of clients currently connected to an on-prem EEC instance. We've done a small pilot and are seriously looking at moving all of them to ECC in the near future. I have a couple of topics to discuss: 1. We have discovered that on existing clients, if the user navigates to Settings and clicks on "Connect to MyEmsisoft", they are automatically connected and show up in the Workspace almost immediately. Neat! I assume it knows to connect to the workspace because the license key in their software is attached to that workspace. Can I get confirmation on that? We have command line access to almost all of the computers and they are using that same key. Is there a command that we can push to the computers en masse that will disconnect them from EEC and connect them to ECC basically to simulate them pressing the "Connect to MyEmsisoft" button? 2. It seems that the "Alternative message or URL for news section" policy in ECC isn't applying to clients put into that policy group. All the other policies appear to be applying properly. Wondering if there are some character or length limitations or maybe a bug? Thanks!
  2. For anyone reading this, Frank helped me track down and delete an overgrown (5+GB) log file. Working much better now! (Thanks @Frank H!)
  3. Thanks @Frank H! Email sent. I'll try to remember to post back here with whatever the solution ends up being in case anybody else has this issue.
  4. A quick update. I have created a scheduled task to stop the EECServer service, kill the EECServer.exe process, and then start the EECServer service every 15 minutes. At least, that will keep us from going long stretches of time with no updates, but probably not a good long-term solution.
  5. Hi Team, We've been using EEC for some time and love it! Have about 150 clients running off of it at this point and adding more soon. The EEC is running on a server that is also the Domain Controller. (Running Server 2016 Standard with 8GB of RAM). It isn't doing any file/web serving or hosting any other 3rd-party applications, basically just Active Directory and EEC. Lately, the EEC service seems to not want to stay running for very long. Initially we would notice that we hadn't been getting email and webhooks for a while, or we wouldn't be able to connect to it with the GUI on a workstation and then investigate and find that the service wasn't running. We could usually just start it back up or reboot the server and it would be fine for a while longer. Well, the intervals between needing to be restarted have gotten far too short and I need some help figuring it out. One thing I was able to find in the logs were a bunch of: 'System.OutOfMemoryException' messages. I'm not a C# coder but I gather that may mean that there isn't enough contiguous RAM space available. What I find odd is that we did upgrade the RAM on this server from 4GB to 8GB and even when EEC is having trouble, the RAM usage as reported by Task Manager is pretty low. (attached pic) so I'm not sure a RAM upgrade will even solve this problem. What I really want to know: Is this a simple case of my server not meeting system requirements? Is this because we have 150 clients and that's more than EEC can really handle? Is there a setting I can adjust in my server to provide more contiguous RAM space (if that's even the problem)? More than happy to arrange a remote access for an official Emsisoft representative. Thank you!
  6. Great idea @Robert2017! So just choose a random exe or folder, which creates an exception item, which can then be edited to whatever you want. That seems to work fine. So I have a workaround now, which is great. But I do still think there is room for an actual process for this. It seems it would be most intuitive to have an "Add exception" button, which creates a blank one where a value can be keyed in or pasted, at that stage there could be a browse button to go find it if desired. Thanks!
  7. Hi Team, I'm trying to add an exception for a printer software that is triggering alerts. I would like to do this organization-wide using policies, however, the "Add Program" and "Add Folder" browse only allow selection of folders and programs that are already installed on the server so I'm not able to add the exception. How to do this? Thank you!
  8. @Frank H I agree. Keep to the core functionality. It needs to be reliable and secure above all else. @Jerry Locke We use EEC in conjunction with ScreenConnect Access and/or Panorama9 to provide that RMM stuff and we're pretty happy with that mix. I hope that's helpful.
  9. I've noticed that in the list of clients in the "Clients" tab, the date/time columns (Last connected, Last update, Last scan, Last alert) are sorted as strings rather than dates. For example, if I click the column header to sort the date, 1/25/2017 would be treated as higher than 9/25/2016 Real values sample follows: 1/12/2017 1/15/2016 1/20/2017 1/22/2016 10/12/2016 As you can see, they are sorted "alphabetically" just fine, but no good for seeing which clients haven't been updated in the longest amount of time. EEC definitely still usable with this bug but hoping it is easily fixed in an update soon. Cheers,
  10. Is there any formal documentation outlining the format and data fields/descriptions that we can expect to receive as webhooks notifications? Looking to use this to push automatic ticket creation/resolution into our PHP-based CRM system. Thanks!
  11. Hi Frank, Sorry I left things out so I totally understand your confusion. It's not a question at all but a feature request. The idea here is to provide managed antivirus to these users. Since this will be on their home computers, they will need to have full access to be able to disable/enable and modify settings, but I don't want them nosing around the licensing to get the key and install on other computers. I also don't want them to get renewal notifications as we will be handling that behind the scenes. Specifically, what I'm hoping for would be a Computer or User policy that effectively prevents access to the "License" tab. Or allows access but has a generic message (much like the Permissions tab does currently). Bonus points for a way to provide contact information for the managing entity so the user has someone to call about it. Having it work this way is important for my use-case but would also be good for any sort of managed IT environment. In which case, I wouldn't expect the end users to have any interaction or control of the licensing without doing anything as drastic as No Access or Read-Only. (And even in Read-Only, I believe they can still see the license key) We might experiment with setting managed AV clients to no access, but my expectation is that may just make them mad.
  12. Hi Folks, MSP here. We provide Emsisoft to our managed services clients as part of their service subscription with us. We manage renewals and licensing for them. We want to prevent the clients from viewing and potentially using that license key to activate Emsisoft on their home systems or other systems that they aren't paying us for. They also do not need to be bothered with renewal notices, which send up red flags for them and make it seem like we aren't taking care of everything. We are also looking into using EEC to provide subscription managed AV to home users over NAT, for these, this feature will be especially important. I plan to still move forward with a pilot to proof out the concept and will likely have other issues and/or feature requests but wanted to put this request out there for now. Cheers,
  13. Fantastic! I just switched back to the stable channel and updated. Looking good so far.