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  1. Hi Sarah, I have tried the decrypter you have given me and it works! You can add the encrypted file(s) only but not as folder(s) to scan, but it does not matter as long as the ziptox3 file(s) that were infected can be revert back to it original file. Thanks and kind regards to all.
  2. Hi Sarah, The only attached is a text file: HOW TO DECRYPT YOUR FILE.TXT ATTENTION ! All Your Files Was Encrypted ! E-mail addresses: [email protected] ------------------------------------------------------------ Attached is the malware file ZIPTOX3 250259-0000-SKT-M-009[B].pdf.ziptox3
  3. Hi, My files are infected with the Ziptox1 virus, in which it can be decrypted using Globe2. But some of the files was elevated or changes to an ZIPTOX3 extension, in which Globe2 decryptor is not working anymore. Any suggestion as to what decryptor to use? Thank you. Regards Jaidan2003 Attached files (original files and ZIPTOX3 extension) Roladuct Project Rates.15.jpeg.ziptox3