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  1. Yes, extensive testing. No default or persistent routes, and behind a NAT firewall. Of the two, one is virtualized, the other that's not an option because of the parallel port hardware thing. I do boot the machine from an Acronis CD on occasion to take an image of the SSD so that's covered.
  2. We have a couple of XP Pro machines running specific business software which works but is out of date and no maintenance contract (if it ain't broke...). The software refuses to run on anything newer, especially the one which depends on a license dongle attached to the parallel printer port. They are only used by people on the local network. What I did was: 1. Isolate the machine. Its network config has no default gateway, thus it can't see the Internet and is not accessible from anywhere but the local subnet. 2. Enable the machine for RemoteApp functionality so that the users can run the application remotely on the XP machine from a shortcut on their local desktop. Something like https://www.petri.com/enable-remoteapp-windows-xp-sp3 I suppose some infection on the local network could exploit a vulnerability still but without the machines touching the Internet the possibility is dramatically reduced.
  3. Thanks for the information. I'll be checking out all these recommended products.
  4. Our previous antivirus system also had a console but with many more client management features. For example, I could wake a sleeping system, reboot or shutdown a client, or open a remote session to a built-in VNC service. Also I could get a list of what software was installed where, convenient for knowing who needs something updated or who has installed a rogue software we don't want. Unfortunately the agent service that provided these abilities was prone to eating all available memory and causing problems, part of the reason we are looking at replacing it. Are any of these or similar features on the drawing board for a future release?
  5. Yes, I'm definitely aware of the implications of using beta software. Since I'm currently in test mode anyway, I switched the other day because what I had at the time wasn't working, so a gamble that it might be fixed was worthwhile. I will definitely switch back to stable before any widespread deployment.
  6. My workstations have downloaded and installed 2017.1.1.7166 today. Now the ones that were showing not connected are showing Protected in green as normal. The changeblog does not seem to go into what these incremental releases are, maybe because this was a beta release? Was the fix for my issue part of it? Where's the changelog for beta?
  7. After doing a bit of reading, I decided to switch over to the beta channel. The version of the Enterprise Console remains the same, with all the same issues described above. My clients are updating to 2017.1.0.7138 and I am seeing clients randomly becoming "Not protected!" "Not managed" until next reboot or killing the Commservice.exe and then starting the service again.
  8. Just getting started with a test deployment to see if we want to buy licenses for this product. Sales gave me some temporary license keys. I setup the console, latest version, on a Server 2016 Standard (RS1 14393) machine. (settings shows 2017.1.0.2824) Go through all the initial settings, add the licenses, update the client package (, everything looks ok. Created a new computer group called "Testing" Deployed some Windows 10 Pro (RS1 14393) computers. Moved them from "New computers" to "Testing" Later, I open the console and the groups are messed up. "Organization" is now "Testing" at the top of the tree and unchangeable. My computers are in "New group 1" This is the second time this has happened, the first time I gave up, uninstalled everything from all clients and servers, and started over. New now, in User Policies, where there was a "New Users" group there is now "Default for admins" and "Default for non-admins" What in the world is going on here?
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