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  1. We decided to pay the ransom and received the decryption program which worked for us. In case this is of value to anyone as far as creating a tool for general use, I've attached the decryption file here. I renamed the file from .EXE to .TXT and made a ZIP file out of it. I presume it has both my and the private key built into it. I didn't have to supply any parameters and it says in the ransom note that it won't work on anyone else's machine since each machine encrypted has a different key. It just walks the entire C: drive, decrypting .crypt files as it goes. I don't recommend anyone else use this particular program if they were similarly attacked as it may make any possible future recovery impossible.
  2. I placed the good file into the same folder as the encrypted one on the affected computer as well as the decryptor but received the same "The decrypter could not determine a valid key..." message. A complete scan for virus/malware came up clean. This is dreadful!
  3. I ran the decryptor on another computer using a file pair I copied from the affected computer. Does that make a diffrerence? i can repeat the procedure on the original computer if necessary. It presume this happened via a Remote Desktop connection using the CARLLA profile (the real user and profile is CARLA.) They must have created this profile by some means (the real user has a strong password) and then logged into it remotely. I looked around in the bad profile and couldn't find any suspicious files. Where would I look for the malware file? Thanks.
  4. Bummer. "The decrypter could not determine a valid key..." Screenshot is attached.
  5. Here you go (attached.) FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. So it looks like they got me. ID Ransomware gave 4 possibles but none of the decryptors worked. Maybe it's a new variant. Encryption was performed yesterday. I've attached a good/bad file and the ransom note. I hope you can help. Thanks. SETUP.HTM.crypt HOW_OPEN_FILES.html SETUP.HTM