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  1. Hi All, For my part, the updated decrypter still does not decypher any keys when uploading files (examples of the encrypted and non encrypted files previously attached to my previous post). Kind Regards, Matt
  2. Hi Fabian, I realised I also had another font executable that I have now uploaded - not sure which exe i opened so this may be the correct one (it is the only other one that I have). My apologies for the mix up. Kind Regards, Matt Font_Update.exe
  3. Dear Team, By way of update, I have now attempted to use version but it still states that it is unable to detect any keys. Example files and the original malware file are above. Looking forward to an update that fixes this new strain. Thanks in advance to everyone working on this. Kind Regards, Matt
  4. Dear Team, I recently got infected by this ransomware a few days ago. Unfortunately the most recent version of your decryptor is unable to locate any keys. I have attached an example of a PDF pair as well as the original chrome_font.exe that caused the infection. Please let me know if you require anything further and thank you in advance. Kind Regards, Matt NYE-Argyle.pdf NYE-Argyle.pdf.MERRY Chrome_Font.exe
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