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  1. It's all very disappointing, having paid for a year's subscription less than three months ago I have had to abandon Emsisoft Anti-Malware because of this problem. I first noticed something was amiss when my NUC fan kept running fast - it is only audible when the CPU is under significant load. My computer went from a silent, very fast beast to a noisy sluggish behemoth. I uninstalled Emsisoft and installed the free Bitdefender in its place. I have had no similar issues since.
  2. As an Emsisoft AntiMalware user on my Windows 10 PC I just installed the mobile security product. I was only given the option to register it with my Google account, which is not the same account as I used to register the Windows 10 product. Is there any way to merge the two? Also, where is the website I need to access the anti-theft features like remote lock, photos etc.? Thank you.