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  1. Yeah, it worked for us!! We managed to decrypt everything! Thank you so much!! There's a donation coming your way!! Thanks!
  2. Hi Sarah, thank you for your reply. Hope Fabian gets better soon. We're waiting patiently :-)
  3. Great acall! I found it quarantined, restored it, then uploaded it here. There were a few other suspicious files in the same folder as the FONT_UPDATE.EXE, such as DRIVER-UPDATER-SETUP.EXE and WIPERSOFT-INSTALLER.EXE that were quarantined by Malwarebytes. I'm not sure if they have anything to do with the virus though, so I didn't restore and upload them, but can do that if you want. And thank you so so much for helping us with this problem, we really appreciate it. Thank you. PS: I tried decrypting using the v.53 software, didn't work either. FONT_UPDATE.EXE
  4. Hi there, unfortunately, the file was deleted. I found out the name, though. It was "Font_Update.exe". I assume it was removed when we ran the Malwarebytes virus scan. I've uploaded the log of the Malwarebytes virus scan, that's all that I could find. Thank you for any help. malware.txt
  5. Hi there. My girlfriend's laptop got infected with the Merry Christmas ransomware after she opened a Chrome_Font.exe. I tried using your decrypter, v1.0.0.50, but it won't detect any keys, unfortunately. Do you think the problem is a new encryption that's not in your decrypter? I've included six files (3 corrupted, 3 normal). Thank you for all the help. PD_2_File_001.jpg.MERRY PD_8_File_002.jpg.MERRY PD_9_File_001.JPG.MERRY