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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Acadia
  2. My wife just got the "Component missing, please reinstall" message. All I did was reboot, so far ok. Acadia
  3. So is this "unable to boot" bug actually now fixed (simple terms please for this simple mind)? No need to reinstalled like last time? Thank you, Acadia
  4. Sorry about that HoggyDog, you are right; I should have posted the link. By the way, both my wife and I LOVE your Avatar, bassets are one of our favorites. Tunedport64's post concerning the Window's updates made me realize that I don't believe I mentioned my system: still using Windows 7. I did Window's updates manually a couple of weeks ago, need to keep better logs. Thanks everyone, Acadia
  5. My problem may be different from some of you, I don't know. Ever since killing the real-time function of Malwarebytes, everything has been just fine, same on my wife's pc. Something started this problem a few days ago when I had been using Malwarebytes Pro for many months, so not sure what is going on. Anyway, killing real-time in MB for the time being has solved the problem unless it rears its ugly head again. I am thinking of uninstalling MB altogether and getting rid of that incompatible driver, after all, with a scanner like EMI do I even need a second opinion? But then again, I am paranoid and sometimes like a second opinion. Question: is HitmanPro Alert compatible with EMI? Thanks a ton, Acadia
  6. See my post in the other forum following this problem. Thanks, Acadia
  7. QUESTION to all of you with this problem: how many of you have Malwarebytes PRO on your system? Not the free version, but the Pro Real-Time program? I took a clue from Mustafa Serif when he/she mentioned Malwarebytes. A friend of mine, who has actually helped the software engineers at Emsisoft, told me recently to kill the Real-time and Startup protection of Malwarebytes. YOU DO NOT NEED TO UNINSTALL MALWAREBYTES. Just kill the real-time and startup protection, for me that took three untickings, you will still have the scanner at your disposal. I did this on both mine and my wife's pc. Both have booted just fine five times in a row, and the EMI shield is now always green. Hoping that was the problem. Sorry to Emsisoft if I implied otherwise. Hopefully this contines and I don't to come back later saying ... err, well .... Thanks all, Acadia
  8. Now the bug is affecting my wife's pc, frozen. Going to try a recovery from a backup I made a couple of days ago, if I can get to the backup program. Acadia
  9. AAAIIIIEE. Despite being an excellent program overall, if I have to uninstall and then install twice a year is too much. I have NEVER had to reinstall any of my programs twice a year! ... until now, if that is the fix. Acadia
  10. Same problem here, you can refer to my post in the other thread, I believe these two threads are either related or the same problem: System freezing up during boot, and eventually when it FINALLY boots, EMS not working. Acadia
  11. Same or similar problem here. Had to try four times to finally get my pc to bootup. and even then Emsisoft Internet Seucity was not working. Once I finally booted up I could not use Firefox to search this forum. Had to switch to IE to post this. I had to completely uninstall and reinstall EMS about 6-8 months ago after a similar problem, hope I do not have to go thru all that again! Acadia
  12. Yup, this latest work-around appears to have worked, at least on my Win7 system with Internet Security. Acadia
  13. Actually that would be no problem, I have always done my security programs updates AND signatures manually until I discovered Emsisoft. Back to manually updating. Acadia
  14. I tried, partially for fun and partially for serious, to "go back in time" using one of my excellent recovery programs before any of this happened. It worked, I recovered to before the update, but the Emsisoft automatic update kicked in instantly and did the new update before I could turn it off. End result = same problem. Once this bug is fixed I am turning off Automatic Updates in Emsisoft just like I did with Microsoft Windows Updates. Acadia
  15. Good grief, rather than do all of that I think I'll just live with this blank screen, it is easy enough to kill. I'll teach my wife also how to kill it. Internet Security is otherwise still protecting us just fine, correct? Thanks, Acadia
  16. Same thing just happened to me, at first I thought Emsisoft was forcing an ugly splash screen on me. Appears every time I reboot. Acadia EDIT: Oops, I just noticed that this is the anti-Malware forum. I have the Internet Security, but I am also getting that same strange screen. Also now happening to my wife's pc, also with Internet Security.
  17. Thanks a ton people. Since I already installed EIS once, will I still be able to use the same license, or do I need to contact Emsisoft Support? Thanks again, Acadia
  18. After using OnlineArmor for six years, I upgraded to EIS. Initially very smooth but next day I received a blue screen stating IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL. I have had this system for 2 1/2 years and this was the very first Blue Screen ever. After several hard kills and reboots it was working again. Next day same thing happens again. This time I recovered using Macrium Reflect and my system is back to the way that it was, OA and no EIS. I would like to go back to using EIS. Any ideas what was happening? Thank you very much. Acadia EDIT: Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-bit
  19. Thank you very much, GT500, appreciate that. Acadia
  20. First, let me say something slightly off topic. I very recently purchased the Internet Security, and I love it. I used OnlineArmor for at least 6 years but I really am impressed with this newer program. Now back to topic. Upon scanning my pc with the Quick and the Malware scans, they both detect: Application. AppInstall (A) C:\ProgramData\apn No risk Is this a false positive? When I go to the folder in Explorer, it contains 0 bytes. Is this folder safe to delete? Thanks for all info, and again kudos to Emsisoft for such a smooth program. (And I still cannot get over your scanning speeds, they are insane). Acadia
  21. stapp, thanks for those links. Because of them I was able to reinstall OA. But OA is still not allowing Chrome to work. Strange, but thanks again. Acadia
  22. Thanks for that, stapp. Looks like it is more involved than I had ever thought. I could not re-install OA. I kept getting an error that stated some sort of VirtualBox thingie was screwing things up and I could NOT install OA without removing it?!?! I uninstalled VirtualBox about two weeks ago and have tried everything I know to clean up its crud including manually going thru the Registry. Time to search the VB forums for clues. Arggghhh! The person who can invent a simple to use PC where all programs play nicely together deserves to make more $$ than Bill Gates and the late Steven Jobs combined! Acadia
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