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  1. When in the EEC console under the Clients Tab some of the pcs are showing the Computer policy as "edited" Where can I see what was edited in the default policy? Thanks
  2. I agree its best to focus on core product not a bunch of "features" that will turn it into bloatware. If you are looking for remote access management / apps list / software versions on the client I would look at PDQ deploy and Inventory its what they specialize in.
  3. Dmitera, Thanks, The addition of the Customer Care policy is great, I was wondering the same thing about License keys and popup notices.
  4. What I did was create a folder called AAA on the root of the server's hard drive. Then you can go through the folder exclusion process and select the local AAA folder. After selecting the AAA folder you can then rename it and the file path as necessary.
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