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  1. Vielen Dank für den klasse Support, jetzt ist wieder alles Bestens!
  2. Guten Tag, ich versuche verzweifelt seit zwei Tagen 6 Lizenzen für meine Androiden zu kaufen (derselbe google Account). Obwohl mir der englischsprachige Support im Chat zugesagt hat, dass das durch den Kauf von 2 x 3 möglich ist, klappt es noch immer nicht. Jetzt versuche ich Hilfe in Deutsch zu bekommen. Das Problem: Entweder ist meine Subscription in MyEmsisoft ganz weg, oder es sind drei Geräte für zwei Jahre lizensiert, oder es sind 6 Geräte korrekt lizensiert, die am nächsten Morgen aber wieder nicht mehr lizensiert sind. Sehr dynamisch das Ganze... Mein Geduldsfaden wird dünner... bitte um Hilfe.
  3. Hallo, es gibt keine Angabe welches Programm das Deaktivieren ausgelöst hat. In Reports ich davon Nichts zu sehen, auch sonst gibt es da nichts auffälliges. Gibt es vielleicht einen Debugger mode der mehr Aufschluss gäbe ? Da Gerät ist ein Samsung Galaxy A51, Android 11 Einen Screenshot habe ich jetzt nicht parat, sobald es wieder auftritt reiche ich den hier nach Karl-Heinz
  4. Hallo, Danke für die rasche Antwort. Nein ich habe kein anderes Schutzprogramm installiert. Karl-Heinz
  5. Guten Tag, ich bekomme auf dem Androiden (Android 11 Samsung A51) immer häufiger die o.a. Meldung. Wenn ich dann auf die Meldung klicke lande ich in der Übersicht der Browser, bei denen der Schutz jedoch aktiviert ist. Ist hier etwas zu tun oder ist das "normal" ? Danke schonmal im Voraus
  6. Thanks David ! Speaking about future development ;o). Having 16 licenses to manage I'd apprecciate if there would be ONE central console to manage Windows AND Android licenses. As written.."future devlopment" Thanks
  7. Hi, as I have a couple of Androids protected by EMS, I'd like to have individual names assigned to them by me, rather than having the manufacturer device code like SM-T530NU, SM-G920F, SM-A405FN etc. Is there an option ? Txs
  8. Hi, recently changed my admin display to 3840 x 2160 resolution. All apps are scaling well, not so EEC. I can zoom the window to full screen, however fonts remain super tiny almost impssible to read... Any idea how I could change this? txs Jaimie
  9. Hi Frank, sorry for the delayed answer, I did not receive notifications yet, just stumbled across this thread again when I cleaned up my open topics. I can confirm my EAM and EEC are working perfectly well, meanwhile I have connected eight clients w/o issues. The only thing which I don't like at all, is to get an "infection alert" even when the taken action was "allowed". Maybe I have to read the manual to somehow switch this off ;o) Regards J.
  10. Hi Frank, txs for the fast reply. Connecting from client to server doesn't work either. So I'll open a ticket and will post the final solution here so others might benefit as well Jamie
  11. Hi, I am in the process of connecting our six PCs to the EEC, Workgroup only, no AD or Domain. So far I have set up the EEC PC (DELL-E6430 -- Windows 10), my first client (Alexas-PC-- W10 Windows10) is set up and connected to EEC and working well, so far so good. However already my second client, COMPAQ-W7 (Windows7), drives me nuts. Here is what I did: - I Ran the Prepare_PC_for_Deployment.bat on the client, also Prepare_PC_for_Deployment_UAC_Disabled.bat. Meanwhile I learned the UAC_disabled was not required, hope this didn't mess up things. - From EEC then I started "add client, create and deploy" According to the log, the job seems to be completed slow but successful at the end, although there was a WMI error message in between. But the client doesn't connect to the server :o( I attached the last piece of the logfile, hoping for support. Txs Jaimie Emsisoft Enterprise Console Server-a.log
  12. Good morning, since three days the pictures are no longer blocked. It works now! As nobody did install or change anything to the PC, I assume an update must have solved this.
  13. Hi, just checked it - Privacy Risks is set to "Don't block" and I did not set any custom host rules :o( Interesting again... I Installed it on another PC (german OS ), same behavior like the other PC with german OS - Spotlight is blocked.
  14. I used the "resmon" to figure out which process starts acting on the network when I enable Spotlight. It seems to be "BackgroundTransferHost.exe" transferring the pictures, however it does not always connects to the same address. Sometimes it was, sometimes - no fixed IP or hostname I could uadd to the whitelist :o:(. As this drives me nuts, I also installed Emsisoft on my laptop. Same WIndows W10 Pro Version (not german but english OS language ). Here the spotlight is not being blocked by surf protection.
  15. Interestingly, Surf Protection does not log anything, but I figured out something else... If I deactivate surf protection, the directory which shall store the objects for the spotlight, I hope I looked up the right one, is populated by data, however spotlight doesn't display it. It defaults back to the last shown picture I had used.
  16. Hi, since I have installed Emsisoft Anti Malware I no longer receive updated Spotlight images for the lockscreen. The same old pictures are used. How did I check the root cause? I deleted all spotlight images in the directory first. Then set lockscreen setting from "windows spothlight" to a picture - worked. Then set lockscreen setting to "Windows Spotlight" - no image appears. Disabled EMSISOFT "surf protection" - new images appear. Of course I can't keep this setting. As far as I understood spotlight images are based on daily images presented by the Bing search engine, so obviously this is blocked by EMSISOFT. However... Bing.com itself is working perfectly well. Any help aprecciated Jaimie Windows 10 Pro 64Bit, Emsisoft Anti Malware Licenced 36 months, latest update 53minutes ago
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