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  1. I have an extra license that I was thinking about giving to a relative that I am there IT support who lives in a location where she still only has access to AOL dial up. Would EIS be appropriate for her connection when I can only get to do updates every 6 months or so? Right now she is using Avira Free, which I can do offline updates for. I know for Emsisoft I could just copy my updates folder. But my real question is if there are settings for EIS or EAM that would help her connection speed.
  2. One of my e-mails must have went through just now because I got an e-mail back from David Biggar and he said he would assign the ticket to you. Sorry for making extra work for you.
  3. I sent them under the same E-mail unless I fat fingered it... Either way I will pull the logs back up and send them again.
  4. It may be a concern that while that port was blocked I was still able to redo if I disconnected the Cisco Anyconnect VPN and then reconnected. But after about 5 minutes it would block me again... I'm thinking that is a flaw and it shouldn't allow me to connect at all. Something you should report as a bug.
  5. TCP port 3389 removed from the Windows services block was the trick. Any inherent risk in enabling this globally?
  6. Dunno if this will help, but I was trying A portable version of Google Chrome, and it will load from the Desktop, but when its in My Documents or Downloads it will not.
  7. Emsisoft, As I use your Internet Security product more and more I am finding a few issues... I am a geek so I like to help fix issues in the hope that it helps others find this awesome software. EIS 2017.1.1.7166 Windows 10, 64bit I have been working from home as a NOC analyst for awhile (Had to stay home and help with my second baby girl!). I noticed that when connecting to the Cisco Anyconnect VPN that my company uses that there really isn't any problems, until I started using EIS, I notice that when I RDP into one of our jump servers that the connecting would
  8. Thank you for staying on top of it and not just leaving it at "We passed it to so and so" and no follow up. Not used to this kind of treatment, Thank you guys very much! Keep me posted, I like it when I can help make good software better!
  9. Doesn't matter if I disable Firewall or Behavior Blocker, or both. It runs the program but it will not load any sites an eventually times out.
  10. EIS 2017.1.1.7166 Windows 10, 64bit Program SRWare Iron https://www.srware.net/en/software_srware_iron_download.php, which is a Chromium based clone browser is being blocked by some part of EIS. Not sure if its behavioral or Firewall. I have to disable the EIS service in order to allow this browser to continue working. I wasn't sure if this would be considered al false positive or if there was a reason for EIS blocking this application. EIS is not blocking other Chromium clones such as Cent Browser http://centbrowser.com/history.html
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