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  1. OK ! I got rid of the malware ! I used a hadfull of different (free) scanners. Emsisoft found one file related to the .merry infection om my pc. I ran it again, and after getting a ´no virus found´ result from the emsisoft- scanner, I scanned with microsoft security essentials - which found 4 active instances of the trojan on my pc. It cleaned out all the ransomnotes (the .hta files) also. I had success with the decrypter - I started with 2 files, approx. 2 mb each, and let the decrypter work for more that 24 hours without any results. Then I grew impatient and tried a different set of fi
  2. I am running the decrypter now - I started by dragging a pair of files onto the app, which started without any user interface, it just popped up on the task list... it has been running for more than 24 hours, steadily taking up more and more ram - it started around 130 kilobytes, now it is booking over 1 gigabyte... Am I on the right track, or should I restart ?
  3. Okay, so I ran the EEK (emergency kit) from a usb in safe mode (first unpacking it to the usb stick and updated virus definitions from the net, on another pc)- It found nothing. Then I tried to install the ´full´ antialware kit, but could not instal in safe mode /safe mode with internet. Then i crossed my fingers and did a normal boot, installed, updated and ran the scanner... and found nothing.... Meanwhile, when searching for ´.merry´ on the infected pc, it came up with a consistent 455 files - the amount of encrypted files did not change for over an hour, so I guess I got rid of the vir
  4. Hey Sarah - Thank you, I will try this. My plan is: 1: starting my pc in safe mode 2: run your anti-malware software as stand-alone software from a usb-stick (if possible?) 3: otherwise, install the software (if possible from safe mode?) and then run it. I´m an on a win7/32 bit platform... any suggestions/corrections to my plan ? Would the the emisoft emergency kit (https://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/eek/download/) do the cleaning job too ? thx !
  5. Hi - so, I am in the line of fools, that actually clicked the Chrome_Font.exe file... My question is : What is the efficient way to actually remove the malware ? I am afraid of turning my pc on, since I it seems to decrypt more files when it is on. And, decrypting my files will not help, if the malware is still running... I tried Windows´ cleaning soulution, malwarebytes (freeware) scanner + 2-3 others, with no definite luck, maybe i got the malware stopped but I am not sure that I got it removed ? Some people in this thread write that they used Spyhunter to remove the malware, but ma
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