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  1. okay , i will thanks , i hope ASN1 can be decryted soon .
  2. the note won't open since i installed a new window but i'm not sure it's xorist is there a way to be sure what kind of ransom-ware it is ?
  3. that's the only unencrypted files i have file pair.zip
  4. my computer is infected with xorist malware. the problem is that I installed a new windows 7 and now the read me files wont read the message and When I try to run the decrypter, I get a message saying "the decrypter could not determine a valid key for your system" and then it continues to tell me to drag and drop a encrypted and a unencrypted file into the decrypter. However, as the decrypter doesn't start up, this is not possible.i tried to drag and drop both theencrypted and the unencrypted file but still get the same message i saw in a previous post a scan done by Emsisof
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