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  1. If you didn't remove your infected copy of windows, that would help please press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, then choose task manager then processes, the try to find any running process like this 324342.exe then find it's Location by right click on it then Open file location, then you should upload it here: https://id-ransomware.malwarehunterteam.com/ or here: https://www.nomoreransom.org/crypto-sheriff.php so they can help.
  2. Ok, Thank you all, I'll wait until someone release a decryptor for it.
  3. OMG, So what should I do? I don't want to pay the Criminal.
  4. Hello, Unfortunately, RakniDecryptor tells me that .wallet extension isn't supported, so what should I do? and also, My RDP is always off.
  5. Hello, Yesterday I've been infected by a Ransomware that encrypted my files and renamed it like the next example: file.extension.[[email protected]].wallet And here is some encrypted files. Please help me. autorun.inf.[[email protected]].wallet menu.lst.[[email protected]].wallet salpho.docx.[[email protected]].wallet
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