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  1. Hi Sarah I don't know the reason why we got this ransomware, may be the hacker hack in my server, and I can not find the malware file, I already use the redegit to check the registry, can not find any file like malware. My server all the folder and file, like documents and settings, program file and backup folder, all change to rar file, and shadow copies also deleted. And all folders have the readme file from malware, I only have some backup file at 2nd January, 2017, so I only can provide more pairs of the file to you. Thanks for your help Dicky
  2. HI My Computer infected ransomware , all the file & folder encrypted in rar extentsion, can you help me to decrypt it. attach some encrypted and non-encrypted same file and the ransomware notice for your reference. Thanks a lot Dicky ffastun.ffa.rar ffastun.ffl.rar ffastun.ffo.rar ffastun0.rar ffastunT.rar Lo.rar README_README_README_README.txt ffastun.ffa ffastun.ffl ffastun.ffo ffastun0.ffx ffastunT.ffl Lo.xls
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