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  1. Hi! When trying Globe2 again it works like a charm! I probly used the file that had only had it's name changed. Sorry for the inconvenience, but a big thanks! Regards, Robert
  2. Hi! That's odd.. The "encrypted" file was taken from Onedrive. Perhaps the sync didn't recognised the change in the file only the filename. Anyhow, here's the file from my disk. Same name but encrypted Regards, Robert 4oFFUeV20k0mogsJZVpUMgkpGWHV37O3YkQ.oldbat
  3. Hi! Tried to search for an active topic but i couldn't find any regarding this.. I have been infected with Globe/Purge. The files are encrypted like this: "sdIRFH8v7xUy9M.oldbat". It also creates the usual "How to restore files.hta" Decryption with decrypt_Globe3.exe failed. (Tried with v1 and v2 with similar results) What do I do now? Break, cry, recover? Or is it possible to decrypt the files? Attached are a sample of the affected files. Regards, Robert 4oFFUeV20k0mogsJZVpUMgkpGWHV37O3YkQ.oldbat