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  1. I just found in several threads that " You do need the hotfix". Necessary to prevent Blue Screen Of Death or BSOD and other trouble. See the example below from a 'Emsisoft Employee'.

    So the 'hotfix' is necessary but now the hotfix does not install anymore.That makes the problem all the more urgent but nowhere a solution can be found. That would mean Emsisoft is no longer usable on Windows 7 installs. Therefore I am very curious to anyone his opinion / advice / help.


  2. I tried to install 'Emsisoft Internet Security' (fresh download from Emsisoft website) and it does not work.

    From Emsisoft I get the installation message:
    It is strongly recommended that you install the following hotfix prior to continuing the installation:

    For more information please visit our KnowledgeBase:

    Following the link strangely Microsoft only sends this hotfix per email

    I select from the 3 available options the correct one Product Windows 7/Windows Server2008 R2 SP1 Language All (Global) Platform x64 Fix name Fix499765

    I offer my privacy to Microsoft because they only send the hotfix per email and get the download link:

    It is a self-extracting zip file with the installation file caled "474557_intl_x64_zip.exe"
    When run the file extracted is called "Windows6.1-KB2958399-x64.msu"

    I find it strange that the fix number is not the KB number and the file to run is called Windows6.1, but I checked it several times and it should be right.

    When installing 'KB2958399' I get the Windows hotfix message:

    the "Windows Update Standalone Installer" window says:
    Windows update is not applicable to your computer.

    So you end up with 'Emsisoft wanting to first install a KB2958399 hotfix' and this KB2958399 hotfix returns me it is 'not applicable'.
    Meaning you cannot safely install
    Emsisoft Internet Security in windows 7 anymore?
    What is this? Any help or advice will be appreciated.

    OS: fresh install of Windows 7 Professional SP1 with all necessary AND all suggested updates installed (which as you know takes many rounds).
    No other antivirus or firewall present yet.
    16GB Ram
    new SSD
    Intel i5-2520M