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  1. Hey Koosharem: What I've been HOPING for is someone to walk me through whatever REMEDY will correct my problem. BETTER yet would be for someone from Emsisoft to assist me with "remote assistance". I've yet to install AND use any of the THREE programs I've paid for. I'm extremely electronically CHALLENGED and am at my WITS END regarding this problem. If by chance YOU find out HOW to fix yours...PLEASE touch base with me. Thanks MUCHLY...Magpie
  2. Ever since I bought Emsisoft for three of my computers, at least 4 months ago, I've been unable to UPDATE. When I try, I get the message below! It's now telling me it's CRITICAL for me to update, which I've NO doubt. My schedule is soooooooo very very BUSY that I've been "ignoring" this issue but I SOOOO KNOW that I really HAVE to address this IMMEDIATELY!!! Here's the message I receive: -Cannot connect to server, please check your internet connection and proxy settings. There's NOTHING wrong with my internet connection and I'm not sure WHAT my actual proxy settings are. Can ANYBODY walk me through solving this problem????????? So VERY MUCH appreciated in advance... Quite honestly, I am falling asleep right now so I shall check FIRST thing in the morning to see if SOME WONDERFUL SOUL, has offered me help with this issue...Again, THANK you EVER soooooooooo MUCH in advance... Windows 7-Home 64 Bit
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