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  1. Dear Sarah , thanks , send more files? i just want decrypt 4 files for me , do you need this 4 files or more files? thanks for helping me
  2. Hi Dear Sarah , thanks for trying help me , i upload file another site http://m.jvpn.us/Unique 1.zip Please help please
  3. Hi and Thanks for helping me , my Server in my little company get Virus Ransomware Globe3 with extension .decryptor2017 , all system formatted and re partitioned , now i want bring back my important files , i have only 4 important files and this files so much important for me and my company , i will pay you , can you decrypt my files and brake lock and give me health files? i try with Trend Decryptor Emsisoft Decryptor and other Valid Company Decryptor but can't open my files , i place 2 of 4 my files here , if you can unlock my files and bring it back please tell me , if you can open my files , i'm happiest in the world , thanks 1. screenshot of Emsisoft Globe3 Decryptor (get error and 99.99%) https://1drv.ms/f/s!At8n1LALvdw3jgAC8V_NAQOVUIlL 2. The Link belong 2 of 4 my files to you download and fix this for me: https://1drv.ms/f/s!At8n1LALvdw3jgEgavacYIEGuVwc Best Regards...