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  1. Thanks Sarah, I look forward to hearing any news
  2. Attention! ! ! All of your copies of your system have been permanently deleted and the data on all partitions and workstations have been encrypted! Stay calm. You can recover all your data by making a payment of 10 BTC (7000 GBP) in Bitcoin currency in order to receive a decryption key. In order to purchase Bitcions you can use https://coincafe.com/signup.php After buying BTC send the equivalent of 10 BTC (7000 GBP) to our BTC adress: 1DtyvLb1pDzXVoaVnJLAFzBJN6b4gcJSdR After payment contact us to receive your decryption key. In mail title write your unique ID: DMALOCK 20:77:15:32:14:36:52:62 Our e-mail: [email protected] ATTENTION! To ensure you that you can recover your data we are able to decrypt two files of your choice that are not larger than 1MB! ATTENTION! Even if your antivirus has removed our program, your data may be still recovered!
  3. Thanks Sarah, what ID is it that you ask about?
  4. Here is the log of the first scan. Also it has been identified at DMA Locker 3.0 All the file extensions have not changed. The files appears to be encrypted or corrupted. malwarebytes scan log.txt
  5. The server had been scanned by someone else before I got on site. I can attach the malwarebytes log if you want. Thanks for your help FRST.txt scan_170228-110238.txt Addition.txt